Monday, May 07, 2012

Bullies Are Protected in the Indiana School System

Bully behavior modification tool

Indianapolis, IN—Darnell “Dynasty” Young is an effeminate, African-American 17 year-old homosexual and a high school student.   The bullies have singled him out for repeated attacks at the Arsenal Technical High School
The school’s official’s pathetic response has been along the lines of he should expect the abuse because of his mannerisms and apparent feminine attire.    
After ten reported incidents of violence or threats and no action by school officials or police, his mother Chelisa Grimes sent her son to school with an electronic stun gun for self-defense.  
The expected happened and another attack was attempted and the boy refused to be a victim and brandished the stun gun.  For one thing, that assault ended and for another nobody got a jolt of juice they deserved.   That was obviously a win-win situation. 
School officials now feel the need to take action against the intended victim!  The stun gun in and of itself is a non-lethal defensive device.   What’s the big deal?  They now want to crucify the kid because he had to rely on self-help.  Apparently the lad’s antagonists have immunity for their criminal behavior.
I will be the first to admit the lad different and that had he left his sexual preference in the closet perhaps he’s have not had these problems.  However he has a right be what and who he is without being victimized by anyone. 
Every American should stand up for the right of this kid to protect himself from bullies.  They should also demand the ouster of any school officials that did not summon the police over the earlier attacks.   
As for Darnell Young they must either protect him or return his stun gun.  Frankly I’d rather see that stun gun used on the school officials that facilitated and abetted the bullies.
We have to begin to get tough on the bullies while we still can.   Rather than zero tolerance for the badly needed stun gun, they should have zero tolerance for the bullies. 
If you can’t take steps to protect this kid who will protect yours? 


Anonymous said...

In my school district this unfortunate young man would be expelled for the year. My (highly intelligent) daughter is bussed to a school in the WORST part of town. I bought her a pepper spray that looks like a lipstick. I told her never to tell ANYONE, unless she was attacked. We haven't even told my wife.

The climate in schools today is insane. I went to a blue collar high school. There were plenty of "punch ups" during recess and after school - silly displays of testosterone which wound up with someone with a bloody nose or saying "Uncle". We used to bring in our Swiss Army and Boy Scout knives to show off, the teachers thought that was just fine. We couldn't have conceived on anyone using a knife or gun in a fight - it would have been as amazing as Martians landing in the football field.

Anonymous said...

If I were this kids parent, I would take him out of school and have him get his GED or transfer to another school. Perhaps a lawsuit aimed at the school district for failure to act would wake them up. Like you, I don't condone these homosexuals and their lifestyles, and think that they sometimes bring this on themselves, but there is no reason that they should have to walk around their own school in fear for their safety. Bullying has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

Let's be straight about this: gun control is the OSHA function for criminals.

How dare kiddo deign to defend himself? The bureaucrats and politicians of this world NEED the criminals to justify their policies, procedures and practices. If kiddo learns self defense this early, he'll surely turn out a few as an adult. Can't have that.

I was not gay, but was a fragile boy in school. Same BS, different day. If I'd done anything to defend myself or had done to them what they did to me, the school would have crucified me upside down. That was 30-odd years ago. Worse now.

Anonymous said...

Dont use the system,you wont win or get any justice.Things need to be "handled" discreetly and have solid alibis.