Friday, January 27, 2012

With Obama’s elimination of Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus Act War Games Begin on Americans!

Los Angeles, CA—In the area of the United States that embraces Barack Obama and his band of committed Communists our military are learning how to make urban war on Americans.

The LAPD and Special Forces have taken to our skies to plan urban assaults on civilians. This should send cold chills down you back.

Okay I understand our schools have longs ago abandoned teaching anyone about their rights or our Constitution. You can't begin to protect rights you don’t know about.

At the end of our own Civil War we enacted the Posse Comitatus Act. The purpose was to end any military organizations functioning as civilian law enforcement.

Habeas Corpus is about our rights to never being imprisoned without, probable cause, the right to a lawyer, bail and due process of law. Obama has signed into law a provision that simply eliminates this important liberty.

Obama has recently signed measures into law that eliminates Habeas Corpus and the Posse Comitatus Act. The motivation for this is beyond sinister.

Now the military is free to prepare for war on Americans and they're doing it right now in Los Angeles!.

With class warfare on the horizon we can count on certain things. Government workers to be so needy and dependent they will willingly engage in atrocities just to stay employed.

We can either resist now or suffer tyranny for the rest of our lives. We have no choice.

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Anonymous said...

The Congress has no authority to suspend Habeas Corpus because the Constitution is not a product of the Congress. It is a product of the states and intended to regulate the federal union. Of course it may take decades before the Supreme Court rules on the issue; just look at how long it took the Supreme Court to rule on the Chicago gun ban – 30 + years.

And by then there might not even be a Supreme Court. Our would-be dictator is following the Hitler playbook and instead of changing our Constitution he simply and progressively is ignoring it. That is exactly what Hitler did in Germany. They had a federal constitution that called for a republican government that was ignored. They didn’t even bother to repeal it.

You know the President’s new motto – “We Can’t Wait”; meaning we can’t wait for Congress he has to act alone without them. That says it all.

Anonymous said...

Keep stockpiling weapons and ammo folks.

tom mangialino said...

As a Vietnam vet I smell many "rats in the woodpile" of Amerikan government.
If u r not following any of what has been removed from our american file of rights, you better wake up.
I have been watching this government since my return from Nam in '68 and we run nothing. Some other org is marching us to a happy tune with many carrots.
Think about our children and grandchildren as we rush behind Israel into another war, as the bomb Iran soon !!!!!
Read Naiomi Wolf's, 2007, book entitled "The End of amerika."
Wake up sweeties 'casue someone else has a diff agenda slated 4 us.

Unknown said...

I'm writing this as living proof. My brother is sitting in a federal jail cell as I type and bail denied because of a supposed taped phone call from big brother. No actual crime commited. No proof it was even him on the phone. Just the ability of our government to point a almighty finger and say enemy. He is facing life.