Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sig Shakes up the Sub-Compact Pistol World at the SHOT Show!

Las Vegas, NV—The SHOT Show always has a few surprises and I found a good one at the Sig Sauer exhibit. It’s the P 938 sub-compact 9 MM pistol.

It’s based somewhat on the venerable 1911 design but in miniature! This is a 9MM that will take the title of the ultimate backup or hideout gun.

Sit back and Adam will show you this gem that’s available right now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul. Not a bad little gun. 7+1 is one less round than my 239 but in a smaller package. Can you do a video on Sig's new pistol, the P224 please? It's about the size of a Glock G26 and is something I'm very interested in.

Anonymous said...

Colt has its head up its butt.This is a Colt Mustang/pocket light mini 1911 in 9mm,with a lil Sigifying.

Colt,hire me,I will show you the light.