Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I Owe Steve Jobs…

Chicago, Il—I was always a PC guy more because Apple did not use a lot of special software I needed for investigative projects. Things have changed and now Apple can fill most of my needs.

Today I have a small MacBook Pro, Itouch, Iphone but I lust for an IPad. I’m also at an age where the heavy lifting is behind me. I’m now slowly moving to investigative documentary filmmaking.

Rather than just despise filmmaker Michael Moore I can now compete with him and give another view of our world. Moore’s voice will never stand alone.

Recently I acquired the MacBook Pro along with Final Cut Pro software and an incredible high definition JVC camera. I’ve become empowered to create films. Aside from the lighting equipment and wireless microphones I already owned for around $5,000.00 I have everything I need aside from a major film studio, vast prop and wardrobe warehouse.

I need not rely on others to make the films I want to make.

I am almost overwhelmed with the ease I can create video content that would have required a quarter-million dollars and a difficult learning process.

IMovie is absolutely amazing and comes with every Apple computer but Hollywood’s industry standard for editing is Final Cut Pro. In the past I have used other software designed for the PC but it does not hold a candle to FCP.

Apple has changed my life for the better. Having the raw power to take moments in time and preserve them along with the ability share my dreams with the world is quite awesome.

Thank you to Steve Jobs and so many others that are going to prevent me from being idle in my old age.

Here are three starter videos I made made with this amazing technology and Final Cut Pro X:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul. You forgot to thank yourself for your lack of idleness...

the most important person of all!

If we lived in another era you'd be thanking the bow and arrow makers. But we always make our selves busy or not - no matter what the tools.

Also you never know - we may have to thank Albert Hofmann for Apple as well...