Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flying High in the Video Information Age

New York, NY--There’s a video visionary that has trained many in the changing world of newsgathering and filmmaking. Out of dire financial circumstances TV news organizations have had to do much more with so much less. With the help of amazing new video cameras, and that great Apple software program Final Cut Pro local TV news has avoided extinction.

The equipment necessary to make great visually pleasing video now cots a small fraction of what it used too. It used to take a bare minimum photographer, video editor and reporter along with hours to put together a single one minute-thirty second news story. There are of course the sound and lighting people and always, big advantages to having multi-camera shoots. However there are also lots of tricks that a single video journalist can do make his or her product look terrific.

Today it can be done well by one person. The days of reporters waiting for their turn in a video editing bay with an editor are over. A quiet place to sit with your MacBook Pro, voiceover microphone and headphones is all you need. Of course you need to spend some time learning how to make the magic from a real pro.

Michael Rosenblum is the founder of Rosenblum TV and the New York Video School. He has trained reporters and producers in video news gathering and editing to the chagrin of so many career video photographers and editors. Jobs in the news business have been threatened and the layoffs have hit nearly every market.

In the news business these days it’s not unusual to see photographers and even editors reporting on camera instead of staying behind it. The job descriptions are rapidly changing and they want everyone cross-trained for TV, and the breakout video Internet content providers.

The NYVS has trained in newsrooms across the country, United Nations workers and news organizations in Geneva. They certainly can train you too.

A close friend of mine is an American Airlines pilot who is rapidly approaching retirement. He is a comedian, actor, photographer, editor and producer. He built his own green screen studio and will not be idle when he gets his retirement walking papers. I know he will move forward with a vengeance having an excellent adventure all the way. He is now a student of the NYVS developing his skills for prime time.

Most of my blog visitors know of my TV background as an investigative producer but now I carry my TV studio in two bags. I will never stop learning to do the exciting things I love. My limitation is in blog promotion and funding needed to gather the material I think my visitors want.

Delta Airlines Captain John Roberts like my friend is gearing of for his second life as a filmmaker too. He’s off to a great start as a NYVS graduate and his travel perks he is about to launch a travel program to beat all others. Roberts is a pioneer and example for everyone.

Today anyone can use learned video skills that promote our own businesses or employer’s products and show the world those things you’re proud of doing.

Delta Airlines would be foolish not to simply underwrite Capt. Roberts and make sure his program is seen everywhere. Right now you can see some of his fine work on board Delta flights as your strapped in your seat waiting to arrive at you destination.

Sit back and watch some video magic:

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