Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Death Penalty Enables Government Tyranny

No matter what your politics there are those politicians you loathe and even fear. Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Ze Dong, Fidel Castro and Pol Pot all began with broad smiles and firm handshakes. They gained power and were able to make public policy in secret. They were all mass murderers whose crimes were made legal by the death penalty.

Do you want to give the politicians you hate the power to kill you? If you support the death penalty that’s exactly what you’ve done!

We are killing people on guesses as to their culpability in those notorious and despicable crimes.

Cops have incredible power to frame people. All they need to do is remove an item or two from your trash and deposit it along with your DNA contained on the items at a murder scene. Far fetched you say? Think again about the bloody glove at the O.J. Simpson home. It was found by a cop, who was later convicted of Perjury at the murder trial! Can you trust evidence enough to rely upon it to kill people?

In the late 1960’s murders were solved and cleared by arrest at between 80 and 85 percent. Today that has dropped to below 35 percent. What happened because we now have so much greater technology?

Yes, we have surveillance cameras, DNA and incredible data sources made available by cell phones, credit, debit and now government entitlement cards.

The new technology exonerates many more people that it implicates. Far fewer unreliable eyewitness identifications are convicting innocents. Of course we still make huge mistakes destroying lives in the process.

The death penalty does not mend the lives of those devastated by the murder of their loved ones. It certainly does not bring back the dead or anything positive. There is a sense of retribution but it seems so lost as we put condemned killers to sleep in such comfort on a clean soft bed. Frankly spending life doing hard time in a nasty prison is real punishment.

Violent crime needs to be interrupted on our streets not by government but by people refusing to be victims. Laws have improved nearly everywhere allowing ordinary citizens the right to get training and carry a gun for self-defense. That’s a deterrent and that takes the guesswork out of the guilt of people out committing mayhem.

The death penalty costs taxpayers on the average millions in legal resources to exercise. Feeding them gruel and confining them is so much cheaper and punitive.

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