Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reality Television Exposes the Sad State of American’s Collective Intelligence

Los Angeles, CA—I’m beyond sick of hearing about the losers made into televisions icons through reality television. Crap like Big Brother, Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians has encouraged the ignorance and total degeneration of our culture.

Those bubble-butts Snooki and Kim are the new role models for young American girls. Here the bar for an American role model has been lowered below sewer level.

The role models we promote should be educated, talented and driven to excellence. Instead they have showcased these pathetic losers that could never support themselves without wealthy parents, a pimp or a lucrative television contract from some low-brow, voyeuristic, reality television producer.

I dumped my Cable TV company well over a year ago choosing to get my entertainment from various internet sources.

The most frightening thing about Reality television is that the millions of pitiful viewers of this programming are allowed to vote. It’s so easy to understand how all these thieves, thugs and extortionists are elected to Congress and the Whitehouse.


Kugie said...

I totally and emphatically agree with you Paul and thank you for putting this out in the open. It is a sad situation to have to raise kids in these perverted times and I'm glad mine are raised but what about the grand kids? What a future they face.

Anonymous said...

Tonight I saw a 'news' story about the "reality" stars and their desire to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Made me feel good when they said NO!.....

Anonymous said...

exactly...I began to see how utterly disgusting the American Youth was becoming on the show elimadate (sp.) remember that show? Some of the ugliest behavior ever was encouraged on that show....Girls gone wild? Bad girls? The real world? PORN!?! It's unreal how this country has devolved. The worls is laughing at us, and the Chinese are licking hteir chops at the prospects of enslaving us to do their labor for them - that's what we did to them, and sold our country down the river in the process. Americans are now to lazy to work, and too stupid to create.