Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sela Ward Flying High at 55!

Los Angeles, CA—One of the perks I have as a member of the Screen Actors Guild is the privilege of attending the SAG Foundation’s, Conversations. It’s a somewhat intimate affair with well known actors in a small theater with no more than 100 seats.

They usually show the latest project the actor is involved with on the screen and later they bring in the actor who is interviewed by various Foundation moderators. Afterwards the actors usually spend time with those fellow actors that want to meet them.

Over the last several years, I have attended Conversations with actors including Maria Bello, Camryn Manheim, Tom Selleck , Jill Hennessy, Christan Slater and several others.

Tonight it was a special treat to spend some time with the stunning and beautiful Sela Ward. At 55 she looks amazing even up close and personal. Ward can compete with any other beautiful woman less than half her age. Ward has a Golden Globe, two Emmys and a bunch of nominations to her credit.

Instead of bringing in her latest episode of CSI New York Ward brought in an actor’s reel of her best work. Scenes from films with Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Burt Reynolds, Kevin Costner, George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and many others were on the reel.

That was enjoyable to say the least but the last scene was a recent audition she prepared for a casting director. Ward is a consummate pro who has demonstrated that she is absolutely fearless. These days actors use those wonderful pro-sumer HD cameras and shoot whatever their agents tell them the casting directors are looking for. They then submit the material electronically for consideration.

When I said Ward was fearless that self made audition scene in the reel said it all. Ward is in a dressing area of a bedroom wearing a white top and long and somewhat tight skirt. She talks about and displays a girdle and without hesitation put her feet into it pulling it up under her skirt. The girdle is beyond too tight and Ward struggles with it making gyrations that were absolutely hilarious. As soon as she gets the monster on, catching her breath she pulls down the skirt, checks her rear in the mirror and exclaims with a smile it was well worth the effort! Ward is indeed a great and versitle entertainer.

The sign of a great actor is they are able to leave their egos at the stage door. Ward chronicled her career and gave her fellow actors numerous tips and was indeed inspiring. Ward also did not hold back revealing hurtful and thoughtless remarks made by rude casting directors and such about her efforts during auditions. Ward has learned how to use those remarks like a sword to prove them wrong.

Ward stuck around to visit with all the lucky actors that wanted to meet and chat with her. I told her I’d love to work with her in any project. She gave me a warm and wide smile thanking me. I told her I hope to see her working longer than the legendary Jessica Tandy.

To Sela Ward and the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, I say a lot of actors were inspired like I was tonight. Thank you all for another terrific educational opportunity.

In 2002 Ward published her first book, titled Homesick. Part inspirational story, part memoir, the book tells Ward's quest for a balance between the comforts of her small-town childhood and her big city way of life. The book appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.

You can get your own copy of Ward’s book right here at


TheRockfordFiles said...

I agree with you buddy! She is better than a fine vintage wine improving with age.

Anonymous said...

You always manage to have fun and this was no exception. I've always wanted to meet Sela since the day I saw her in the fugitive. Too bad she did not get many more scenes in the film.

She does look great, you lucky dog!

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Anonymous said...

Sela Ward.....

That is one fine woman, and my age too. You're right Paul, she looks better than most 20 year old women.