Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sensational Chicago Police Sex Case Sounds Overblown

Chicago, IL—If investigators really thought there was a Kidnapping/Sexual Assault involving two of their own they’d have been charged and had taken the perpwalk by now. I’m not making light of the media reports of the accusations.

Right now the published reports seem to indicate that a drunken and very promiscuous young woman willingly engaged in public sex in a police vehicle, played strip-poker with the two cops when she finally degenerated into a psychotic crisis.

Was a crime involved? Was it only misdemeanor, Public Indecency? Right now, Kidnapping and Sexual Assault sounds very unlikely.

There are a lot of unanswered questions here. I suspect that there may be terminal police rule violations along with a boatload of humiliation.

Keeping the cop's names secret will never happen. Of course the claimant and I use that in monetary terms will enjoy complete anonymity just like that phony Duke La Cross rape victim.

This case begs for a complete investigation. They will be going over communications logs involving these officers and their assignment. Surveillance tape will be found and any lies may well be exposed.

This case sounds a lot like that of a high-ranking public employee who managed to do high level government business over his office telephone while receiving oral sex. That fellow lied about the incident under oath and was exposed. He never lost a day’s pay and receives a handsome pension today. That of course was President Bill Clinton. I don’t think any lowly Chicago cops will fare as well as Buba did.

Remember how the Clinton apoligists said it was all just sex? So mush for Equal Protection under law.

If there is Probable Cause of a serious crime here it deserves prosecution and the accused deserve a fair day in court.


Anonymous said...

I can't speak to the veracity of the claims in this case but I can relate a true story. In the '90s I was shift supervisor on the midnight shift and one of my guy's gave a drunk bitch a ride home instead of a DUI. Sometime later, weeks or months, I don't remember I get a call from my supervisor to take my shift to the local FBI office. I ask what it's about and the sup says I can't tell you. I say we ain't going then. The sup says I'll have the big boss man call you then and I say please do. He calls and says that some "lady" claimed that 8 people working in my district were accused of having the bimbo above perform oral sex on them on the side of the road during a traffic stop and to keep the FBI from visiting all of those people at home on their day off he told the FBI that we would come in and talk to them on our shift. I commend him for that because the other scenario would have been ugly on more than one level. It was still ugly because after all the interviews/interrogations the best the FBI could do was send us each a letter saying that no further investigation would be forthcoming. Not that it didn't happen, which it didn't, and that all accused were exonerated, which is what should have happened. For brevity's sake I have left out many details but we were subsequently investigated internally as well. What it boiled down to as far as anyone could tell is the bitch was trying to cover up an extramarital affair and that's what she came with.

Anonymous said...

Paul,It probably will not be rape but it is going to be bad.The woman has legit mental problems.She admits to having sex without being forced but claims she was intimidated.The 2 geniuses were 2 districts from where they were supposed to be and allegedly went down on lunch at bogus address.When the woman went bonkers 2 legit witness' saw a naked man carrying a police shirt run from apartment then they saw a second man dressed in a police uniform leave apartment.GPS is going to tell whether they stopped at convenience stor for vodka and cranberry juice.The E.T. collected fingerprints and drink glasses were sent out for DNA testing.There is more .My bet is sexual abuse or sexual battery and an official misconduct.I wish this never happened as all Officers are looked at in a bad light.It was a stupid move anyway you look at it.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I know there are some bosses that think being out your district is worthy of a felony charge but even the Illinois legislature has failed to follow through outlawing that practice at least, so far…

Since when are Chicago cops medical experts to determine if women are incapable of giving consent because of some mental pathology?

Anonymous said...

Cops love head cases and drama.