Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lisa Madigan Wants to Make Stalking and Killing Cops Easier in Illinois!

Chicago, IL—Illinois forces it's gun owners to surrender their privacy rights for the privilege of possessing a firearm. You say owning a gun is a right in Illinois? Surly you jest! If you are required to pay for a FOID card and wait months to receive it that’s hardly a right at all considering they don’t make you wait for a driver’s license. The same holds true for waiting periods and redundant background investigations. Remember driving is not a right, but a privilege!

Illinois requires completed applications with your personal demographics and a photograph. Attorney General Lisa Madigan feels that this is a public record and intends to disclose it to anyone and everyone accordingly.

I’m not saying Madigan’s legal opinion is wrong at all. I think she’s absolutely correct! It’s the requirement for gun owners to provide the information before they can enjoy their second Amendment rights is what’s wrong!

Most police agencies require all current and retired cops who possess firearms to have the FOID card as a condition of employment even though the law has a peace officer exemption.

Anyone wanting to kill a cop will have free access to the home address of every cop in Illinois! Criminals will be able to quickly learn whether the people they intend to rob, rape or murder owns a gun! If this is unsettling and even frightening then something needs to remedy this mess.

This matter should be addressed with emergency legislation. The legislation should protect all city, county and state records. Hunting licenses are also a great source for this kind of privacy invasion.

I support the notion that public records are just that. I don’t however support government collecting this kind of information from its citizens.


Anonymous said...

Just so people know that you need a FOID card in Illinois to buy and own guns and ammo.But you cant use it as a form of ID for anything else.The Secretary of States Office(SOS) wont even accept it to get a DL but will take some old water and electrical bills.

I can buy a new Colt 6920 with a 100 round beta drum with 10k rounds of ammo with a FOID.But I couldnt even buy a beer with it.

Anonymous said...

Here is a petition to oppose this nonsense:

Hudson Private Detective said...

have city/town officials have thoroughly thought this through?

Too much information in one's hand is dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Let's publish Lisa Madigans address, phone number, dress size, etc.!

Better yet, do it for all government politicians, we need to know where they are?

Anonymous said...

your site will have much more traffic from the Chicago area since Crime File News has been mentioned in an article about Henny Penny. Good job.

KMA1999 said...

That`s one very scary picture of Lisa. Imagine waking up with that puss staring you in the face at 6am.

Anonymous said...

KMA1999 said...

That`s one very scary picture of Lisa. Imagine waking up with that puss staring you in the face at 6am.

March 04, 2011 10:36 PM

that's why they make paper bags.