Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Most Dangerous Man in Will County, Illinois is James Glasgow

Joliet, IL—I’ve written extensively about the Drew Peterson case because it’s been so poorly handled. Let me be the first to repeat that I’m not clairvoyant and I have no special insight into revelations surrounding Stacy Peterson or Kathleen Savio. I’m a well-qualified investigator that has simply reviewed the facts as a Monday morning quarterback.

There are some circumstantial facts that have properly thrust Peterson under a microscope. The arrest and prosecution Peterson is deeply flawed because of insufficient evidence. Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow has endangered the credibility and validity of the entire investigation by pulling the trigger far too early.

Stacy Peterson married a much older cop and at some point became disenchanted. We have no reliable record of what she told anyone. Only as it became convenient, profitable or provided celebrity for friends or family members they began to make claims of what Stacy Peterson said. Frankly the claims have an odor to them.

These “helpers” did not make these hearsay claims immediately and I’m convinced there are nefarious reasons for this. There are of course the legal advantages in looting the estate of Drew Peterson that are at the top of the list.

In the case of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio but for allegations made on the record in her divorce proceedings the hearsay develops years later. The motive for the hearsay offerings again is simple greed.

Allegations are just that, and anyone accused of anything in America has the absolute right to confront and cross-examine his accusers in court. Apparently that’s the case unless your name is, Drew Peterson.

At least one Coal City, IL lad came forward and claimed that Stacy Peterson told him a plan she had to disappear just before she vanished. Had this lad failed in his own romantic pursuit of Stacy? Is he perhaps a jilted lover and killer? Police and prosecutors refused to investigate this angle. Perhaps it was a true statement and this young woman has abandoned her children and gone far away. That’s happened many times before and still cannot be discounted without real evidence.

Kathleen Savio was found dead from a head injury in a bath tub. There is no obvious crime, witnesses or physical evidence. Savio had a somewhat volatile marriage where she complained about money. Nearly everyone’s marriage has its difficult moments, over half end in divorce, but thankfully very few end in murder.

There was the suggestion that the first Savio death investigation was corrupt since it did not reveal evidence of murder or a suspect. Is that somehow unusual when you have no witnesses or physical evidence? Only 35% of today’s murders are ever solved. Here there is no definitive evidence that this was even a murder! How did she die? What was the weapon? Where is the weapon? Who used the weapon? Did she simply fall?

We all know drew Peterson had the training and experience that could facilitate the so-called, perfect murder. That’s not evidence.

Drew Peterson became a target of James Glasgow because the families and friends of the two wives in question. They began a campaign of nagging cops, prosecutors and media to get some answers. If police can prove a crime there is money to be had by the instigators! This is normal human behavior.

Drew Peterson’s real mistake was his, “Innocence Tour” of every talk show in America. Mugging for and cozying up to the media by Peterson made him a vehicle for stardom of that political creature, James Glasgow. Indicting and convicting the Drew Peterson could make this obscure prosecutor a contender for Governor or perhaps the United States Senate.

Drew Peterson’s case would have gone cold and all but forgotten had he simply gave the press no statements at all. He’d have never sat in jail for a day. Peterson could have dumped the Bolingbrook house, moved his kids to Florida to great winter weather and into wonderful retirement obscurity.

Today Drew Peterson is a popular object for scorn and hate. The segment of society that hates cops, are leading the Internet gossip charge torturing Peterson and his children. If Peterson is ever brought to trial the process for him is forever tainted.

Will County’s Prosecutorial incompetence was already showcased in the Riley Fox case that has cost local taxpayers untold millions and destroyed an innocent suspect’s life.

Glasgow went after yet another cop branding him as a crazed serial killer before he was able to exonerate himself with computer and cell-phone records. Policeman, Brian Dorian will never recover his reputation and he’s still the recipient of vicious Internet gossip despite being cleared.

The Most Dangerous man In Will County Illinois is James Glasgow.


It's McTwitter! said...

Paul, Riley Fox was handled by a different States Attorney: His name was Tomczak.

But I will say this about the entire Will County States Attorney's office: Prospective jurors read the news. Lawyers read the news; and the lawyers will use this to taint juries in Will County.

As far as Glasgow goes, he will get jammed up for his handleing of the Peterson case. Lesser known prosecutorial misconduct cases may come to light.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Glasgow was the prosecutor during the period that Kevin Fox was cleared by DNA testing but did not bring the indictment against him.

Glasgow should have looked at the case more aggressively once it was under his control. There were other huge inconsistencies that he should have examined and did not. Defense lawyers brought them to Glasgow’s attention to no avail.

The Will County Sheriff and Illinois State police all share responsibility with prosecutors but the buck stops with the prosecutor himself. Glasgow fails.

Anonymous said...

Disbar James Glasgow!