Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TSA is the Theater of the Absurd

Memphis, TN— ExpressJet Airlines, first officer Michael Roberts reached his saturation point for mindless TSA thugs that rob him of his rights and simple dignity. He refused to be fondled and groped by the sub-species of humanity employed for that job. Robert’s also rejected a ride through the body scanner that would reveal his penis size to inquisitive TSA screeners. He may be fired for taking this stand.

Roberts can only hope there is a reasonable mind at Homeland Security or in our Congress that can end this government embarrassment forever. Perhaps standing up to the folly can bring change. All of our airline pilots should put their feet down and force this issue to a sane solution. Why is the Airline Pilot’s Association hiding rather than facing this head on?

Searching the carefully vetted and medically screened commercial airline pilot is an exercise of extreme nonsense. It is nothing more than a shining example of dysfunctional government groupthink.

If pilots have a concealed weapon what’s the big deal? Pilots can at any moment destroy the plane, kill the passengers and a whole lot more. After all they have the ignition key and the steering wheel to a multi-million dollar killing machine.

Every pilot flying on September 11, 2001 was unarmed. We paid a horrible price for an inexcusably stupid policy and very little was learned from the loss of nearly 3,000 lives and billions of dollars in damages.

The TSA is nothing more than a Socialist controlled Congress’, jobs program wet dream, gone wild. There has not been a single known terrorist effort shut down by either the TSA or FAA.

Airline security is no more than a costly illusion that can easily be defeated. The TSA and FAA operate on a flawed principal of people equating the quality of the security by visibility and sufficient harassment.

Pilots are under enough stress and the TSA weenies should never be allowed to aggravate the men and women we count upon to get us safely to our destination.


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Dave Hardy said...

But if they let security down, then a pilot might take over the plane!

It's Not All Real said...

The Kid from Brooklyn had a posting a while ago about the tight security at Yankee stadium before a game.....a "bat day" game. After passing through security, everyone was given a full size Louisville slugger bat. DUH!

You're right, who cares if the pilot is carrying a gun, knife, bazooka or anything else. If the pilot wants to do anything heinous, he/she only need steer the airplane into a building, ship, whatever. DUH!

Anonymous said...

TSA is a total joke.I was recently going thru a security checkpoint in a major city and observed the following.

White guy with blue hair got selected for a body scan after the metal detector,he had his shoes off.

Two M/1s(blacks) in front of me went thru the metal detector with their shoes on.I rest my case.