Monday, May 13, 2024

Rebecca Grossman, Her Double Murder Conviction May be Void After All.

Van Nuys, CA—LA County Superior Court Judge, Joseph A. Brandolino will most certainly be dealing with an unwelcome can of worms that may void the double murder conviction of Socialite, Rebecca Grossman.  She was recently convicted in the deaths of 11-year-old Mark Iskander and his 8-year-old brother, Jacob killed in a violent traffic accident.  Right now Grossman is still  awaiting sentencing.   

The question of serious Jury Misconduct has come to my attention and some members of that jury have some explaining to do.  Since I specialize in criminal defense investigation and have 50 years experience, I know exactly where the bones are buried. This will certainly upset the apple cart and force a new trial.  What I can’t predict is, a second jury’s verdict.

When Grossman wins a new trial she must be released on bail once again pending the new trial’s disposition.

Grossman is due to appear in a Van Nuys courtroom on May 17 @8:30 AM.  

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Bruce Boyer said...

I cannot think that even half of jurors would follow instructions as to no media. People do whatever they want.... can it be shown that they viewed media?