Sunday, May 19, 2024

Rebecca Grossman, Diane Teran, a Tale of Two Women and Legal Intrigue

Diane Teran Left, Rebecca Grossman Right

Van Nuys, CA--The double murder conviction of LA socialite, Rebecca Grossman may well be reversed. The reason is apparently mired in illicit goings on within the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.


Grossman was convicted in February for the double second-degree murders of two Westlake Village young brothers in connection with a terrible automobile accident. This might have seemed like simple slam dunk conviction, but it is not.


The District Attorney’s supervisor of the Grossman case was, Diane Teran.  Teran was subsequently arrested and currently stands charged with 11 felony counts related to the theft and abuse of thousands of classified law enforcement computer records. Apparently, the partial motive of these crimes was to tamper with evidence.   


Former LA County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva recently revealed that Teran has a serious history of unlawfully withholding and or deleting exculpatory evidence (Brady material) in numerous cases. 


Grossman's lawyer, James Spertus now represents Rebecca Grossman, and he also represents Diane Teran.  The prosecutors assigned to the Grossman case tried and failed to have Spertus kicked of the case on Friday claiming the lawyer has a conflict of interest. 


Throughout my career, I’ve seen many murder cases reversed because of unreliable characters were involved in the arrest, investigations and prosecution of suspects/defendants. 


Defense attorney’s only need to show a pattern of unlawful conduct, not specific acts to obtain dismissals in these cases. Teran’s history makes it very likely that the Grossman convictions will be reversed, and the case dismissed with prejudice.

Let me be the first to predict Rebecca Grossman will go free to resume her life.  The stain of this tragedy will remain forever on the lives that were changed. 

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