Friday, March 22, 2024

Joe Biden’s Gun Gestapo must be held accountable for their crimes!

Bryan Malinowski ran the Clinton Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He had no criminal history whatsoever.  He was a collector of firearms. He bought and sold firearms at gun shows.  Possessing and dealing in firearms is constitutionally protected activity.  

In June 2022 the United States Supreme Court ruled in the Bruen decision,  that gun laws passed such as the 1968 Gun Control Act that among other things, required gun dealers to be licensed were declared unconstitutional.  

To be valid all gun laws must align with the text, history and tradition of the second amendment when it was ratified in 1791.  Gun Dealers weren’t required to be licensed in 1791 and background checks were simply not required back then.  Accordingly, buying and selling guns today is an absolute right provided you’re not knowingly selling a gun to some criminal planning a crime.  

The Biden administration and its gun gestapo organization has push-backed dramatically and violently on the Bruen decision ignoring it while intentionally violating people’s civil rights with their lawless war on liberty and Supreme Court’s directive.  

Earlier this week, the BATFE acting under color of law, conducted a pre-dawn, deadly raid on Bryan Malinowski’s home.  The startled man resisted the attack and was shot in the head and he later died.  

The only crimes here include conspiracy, armed, burglary, and first-degree murder committed by the involved federal officials.    Those involved in this criminal conspiracy include various United States attorneys, the federal judge issuing the warrant and the BATFE gun Gestapo agents.  They wantonly and maliciously took an innocent life in their zeal to enforce an unenforceable law. 

My question is how many more innocent people must  die or be violently victimized for simply engaging in constitutionally protected activity? 

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