Friday, December 29, 2023

The presidential election of 2020 was nothing less than a bloodless Communist, coup d'é·tat.

Washington, DC—Because of the China virus, the normal minimal safeguards for election integrity were taken down by unprecedented mail-in ballots.  The normal safeguards to prevent fraud were removed along with any meaningful transparency.  

Unfortunately, the heaviest fraud was in the blue and swing states.  Since their local Leftist judges refused any and all efforts to allow transparency such as ballot inspection the election tampering was successfully covered up.  

Was it a Communist coup d'é·tat you ask?  All you have to do is look at the installed, communist puppet and his treasonous policies.  The most egregious act that allowed many millions of unvetted and economically motivated illegal aliens to enter our nation.  These people when given the ability to vote like they have in New York City, will only vote for the politicians offering of free housing, EBT cards, Obama phones and medical care.  They’ve now allowed illegal aliens to become cops giving more military strength to the Communist conspirators.

We all know from history, that Communism can only survive with a huge ignorant, poor and easily manipulated population.   That has been fully accomplished. 

The installed China puppet has been free to mandate whatever his coup conspirators dictated.  Virtually every act by the dictated be puppet’s handlers has bankrupted and weakened America, allowing for a total Communist takeover.  Every appointed military general is easily corrupted by the Communists appointing them.

The January 6 patriots simply wanted transparency in the 2020 election and pushed back when that was not forthcoming.  

Our country is a serious crossroads. Any election that mirrors 2020’s mischief will and should be met with a very bloody Civil War.  

Our elections must be free from fraud and totally transparent.  The lack of any legitimate identification requirements and signature matching, facilitated by mail-in or drop off ballots must be ended.  The China virus created “election rules” must end now.

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