Thursday, December 07, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Government Control


Los Angeles--Artificial intelligence is here to stay, like it or not. This incredibly powerful tool obviously can outthink any human and solve essentially any problems at all.  I reasonably suspect that diseases like diabetes, cancer and ageing will eventually be cured by this exciting new technology.


Artificial intelligence has the potential to make anybody a lawyer physician, accountant or virtually any occupation if they know how to use its powerful tools.  


Frankly many of our politicians are absolutely terrified because of the power it will give to, we the people that they may have serious difficulty controlling.  I suspect that the politicians want to frighten everyone into surrendering control of this amazing tool to them exclusively.


We don't yet know all the potential of artificial intelligence by a long shot. I fully expect to Continue to be amazed in the next decade. 


Artificial intelligence may prove to be more powerful than even the Second Amendment for Americans to use defending themselves from the government.


The only logical thing for Americans to do is to stop all attempts to let the government control Who can use or access artificial intelligence.  We know we cannot trust government and in fact you can research it by simply getting the question answered of what percentage of governments on earth become repressive, evil and incredibly corrupt. I think the answer is 100% if you look at the history books.

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