Sunday, October 25, 2020

Katie Hopkins, the Conservative media personality the political Left loves to hate...

Beverly Hills, CA--Media personality, Katie Hopkins loves the USA and our freedom. She’s an avid shooter and has actually joined the National Rifle Association. Hopkins has led an exciting life. Not yet 50 years old and she’s trained with British Royal Forces and she’s been hired and fired from numerous high profile media positions. 

Currently in the U.K. Hopkins’ opinions are considered to be somewhat in the political minority. Hopkins has proven that can raise the blood pressure of any Liberal that is within 100 meters to dangerous levels. 

Hopkins detests political correctness in any form and is a rabid free speech advocate. She’s a critic of forced multiculturalism because it results in so much unnecessary violence and difficulties. Particularly she's objected to the importation and financial support of millions Muslims into the UK. The resulting culture clash has devalued the way of life there. In reality we cannot deny horrific Muslim Terrorism any more than we can deny the Nazi Holocaust

Hopkins has an unquestionable sharp tongue that does nothing more than to provoke much needed debate. She is a very talented speaker and a gifted comedian. 

Hopkins weighs in at 110 lbs soaking wet with all her clothes on.  She deliberately gained and lost 42 lbs to show that diet and exercise actually works. That, after being criticized for her numerous fat shaming remarks. 

Currently Hopkins is traveling the USA speaking and lending her support to President Donald Trump

I’ve met her twice now and admit that I’ve fallen to her considerable charms. 

I’ve always believed that free speech and debate is not nor should be considered hate but a tool to work out those issues that separate our diverse cultures. In the words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along ?” 

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