Thursday, December 26, 2019


Richmond, VA—The far left has gained control over Virginia’s political scene. They have a Democratic governor and a Democratic legislative majority.  They are all hell-bent on banning certain firearms and an additional bunch of really draconian dictates.

Virginia has both the federal and state constitutions that protect gun rights but that does not make any difference to this bunch of radicals.  Normally it’s up to the judges to decide the constitutionality of laws that are passed.  The courts however move very slow and resolutions take many years.  In the meantime those victimized by bad laws suffer irreversible harm through incarceration and the loss of valuable property and their guaranteed and hard won freedom.  That does not include tens of thousands in legal fees. I don’t think the founding fathers took into consideration that our courts would someday all but grind to a halt when it came to protecting liberty. 
The oath of office the radical leftist politicians have taken is meaningless to these people who are on a mission to destroy sacred Liberty.  They feel that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are somehow outdated and they are smarter then our founding fathers.  They insist upon re-writing the constitution in a way that suits them and nobody else.

That’s however not the way it works and they cannot simply pass laws that violate the Constitution.  In a state where the motto is, “Sic Semper Tyrannis!” or, Death To Tyrants the politicians are asking for extreme retaliation from the citizenry. Will we see politician's homes burned down and assassinations? Tempers are understandably at an all time high.  

As the vast majority of Virginia’s counties are declaring their jurisdictions to be Gun Rights Sanctuaries the same leftist politicians are planing to unleash the National Guard on both citizens and their local law enforcement officials to overcome any resistance.  They are also making contingency plans to shut down cell phones and the Internet so the citizens cannot communicate with each other during weapons seizures.  I can’t begin to imagine the cost in both tax dollars and human lives for them to accomplish their demands.

This shows that they’re really not concerned about Public Safety but about Socialist style public control. Enforcing these unconstitutional laws will bring about more bloodshed than if we simply handed out loaded guns to prison inmates. 

We can only hope that these dangerous politicians rethink their plans and come to their senses before it’s too late. 


wadd said...

What do you expect from DEMONRAT governor?

wadd said...

What do you expect from a demonrat governor?

Joel A. Brodsky said...

Do you have a link to the proposed legislation?

Anonymous said...

This issue is far more important than most people realize I suspect. The good people of Virginia must stop this now before it spreads nationwide. Don't think for a second that the Lightfoots, the Newsomes,the DeBlasios,the Pritzkers of this country aren't watching this. If the libs succeed in Virginia it will spread like a wildfire across this country.

Anonymous said...

Virginians are prepared to maintain and preserve the Bill of Rights and the American Way of Life! Research VCDL

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