Sunday, October 27, 2019

Katie Hill has Resigned from Congress!

Washington, DC--Bi-Sexual, Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill announced her resignation today.  This came as her soon to be ex-husband spilled the beans over her sexual activities with at least two subbordinate staffers.  Salacious photos surfaced showing hill naked with a female staffer, smoking a bong on 9/11/01 and another naked shot revealing her pubic area, Nazi Iron Cross tattoo. 

I suspect that there's a lot more to come involving Hill's financial chicanery and I promise that this story is far from over. My question now is what happens to the Million dollar plus 2020 campaign war chest? Hill promised to shake up Washington and she's done just that!  She's been missing since this story broke, choosing to hide behind written statements. Who will catch her with a video camera first to hear and broadcast what she has to say?                      

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