Sunday, March 03, 2019

I now firmly believe that JFK’s assassination was in fact, a successful coup d’état.

Dallas, TX— Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but I have finally accepted the notion that our own intelligence community killed JFK.

The single most important reason I was convinced Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone involved the rifle he allegedly used.  The bolt action, Italian 6.5×52mm Carcano Model 91/38 Rifle was a total piece of crap. 

It was clear to me that any reasonably financed group would never rely on that rifle for such an important task.  

Oswald was seemingly living in a state of poverty and bought the cheapest rifle he could find in the Klein’s Sporting Goods, mail order advertisement.  

Had he the money, Oswald could have spent a little more for a far superior rifle that he was familiar with as a Marine, the venerable M-1 Garand semi-automatic battle rifle. 

Oswald seemed to be an easily manipulated fellow who effortlessly traveled to and from the Soviet Union.  Was he really a Castro sympathizer?   This now seems like a manufactured profile cover.  

Oswald may have been working as an employee or more likely a disposable contract agent. 

I now believe that a single, "money shot" killing Kennedy came from a quality rifle fired by a superior marksman from the grassy knoll, wooden fence area.  He was someone acting at the direction of the Deep State

The American intelligence community had and still has a core concept that they, not the American voters are supremely qualified to pick our leaders.

The FBI, NSA and CIA went rogue long ago and are still lawless today.  We’ve learned that from COINTELPRO, Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidian slaughter, along with the more recent revelations of Edward Snowden and Bradley “Chelsea” Manning.  

The same agencies today, have placed President Donald Trump in their coup d’état crosshairs! 

Our intelligence agencies are solidly above the law since their leaders and operatives have never once been brought to justice for any of their significant crimes! 

Never forget that the JFK assassination files have still never fully been released.  Time locks have been placed on the records to insure nothing damning would be released until long after the government’s culprits were dead and of course out of reach for criminal prosecution. 

Governments cannot be trusted, that’s why our wise founders gave us a Second Amendment! 


Roger Ball said...

You present an interesting theory, but here is another one and your facts fit it as well.
President Kennedy was the youngest person elected as President. He was the first one born in the 20th Century. A main focus of the Kennedys and their supporters was the word “Vigor”. Touch football being played by Kennedys and staffers in the Hyannis property was a big deal that helped push this image.
However, President Kennedy had two serious illnesses.
One was his bad back – apparently the result of his wartime injury on PT-109.
The other was Addison’s disease—an ailment impacting the body’s ability to use its immune responses. The disease wasn’t always fatal, but frequently cause considerable impairment.
What is President Kennedy’s symptoms were getting worse? What if the prognosis was that he wasn’t going to be able to stand up to the pressure and rigors of the Presidency? (Remember, this was when the Soviets had just built the Berlin Wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs invasion.)
What if President Kennedy and/or some of his supporters were worried that their mission would be lost if Mr. Kennedy wasn’t the young and vigorous person they needed in a leader? What if he, and/or they, decided it would be better for him to be a martyr and his legacy could be maintained?
In addition to the items you proposed for your theory, a Kennedy aide was in the room when the autopsy was conducted and the medical examiner was prohibited from doing any investigation below the President’s neck.
You may also note that at that time killing a President of the United States was NOT a federal crime. The local authorities in Dallas began their work in solving a homicide that took place in their jurisdiction. There were physical shoving matches that took place between federal and local authorities in Parkland Hospital. The body was ultimately removed to fly in Air Force One to Washington.
Perhaps this was because the Kennedy people didn’t want anything else to do with the community where their hero had been killed, or perhaps they wanted to be sure they could control
Do I propose this as fact? No.
But it holds as much water as your theory – and some of the facts and suppositions you cite support it

Anonymous said...

It was Special Agent Hickey of the SS detail that accidently popped the President in the dome. Who else had an ar15 that day??? Why is the Presidents brain missing, why is there controversy over the parkland hospital x-rays?? Why did the SS immediately wash and clean the presidential limo??

Bottom line, who else is careless and over rated with firearms than Leo types.