Tuesday, July 31, 2018

LAPD Killing of Hostages is Reprehensible. Watch the Bodycam video!

Los Angeles, CA--LAPD Public relations people are spinning like a top to somehow sanitize their killing of a hostage.  Frankly they should have incapacitated or shot the offender dead before he was able to grab his innocent hostage.  Officers managed to actually kill the hostage with two misplaced rounds.  

The offender, a career piece of shit, deserved his fate. Could this be the result of cops being fearful of Leftist and minority political retaliation?  Did they wait until the situation was even more dire and out of control before they shot this bastard?  The LAPD officer's Marksmanship is way over-rated in movies and television!  Additional police training cost money that the Democratic City Administration would rather waste elsewhere instead. 


Bill Rhetts said...

Paul being former LAPD, I've always been displeased with their policies and expectations on less than lethal force. I wrote some remarks about this as well (revised this morning) https://www.theexpositor.tv/blog/graphic-video-of-officer-involved-shooting-lapd-van-nuys-division-suspect-holds-woman-hostage-slashes-her-throat-police-shoot-both-the-suspect-victim-critical-incident-nrf040-18/

Dartanyan Ripplewine said...


Anonymous said...

Not a clear shot, they should never have taken it. He did not attack them rather he grabbed that woman . A police or police(plural) should have charged him and removed the the victim from his grasp, then done whatever was necessary. Yea , some might have been injured , but sizing up the guy up and that non-pointed, serrated steak knife he had, not a problem to me , perhaps I am a far tougher dude than they were. Several police could have quickly disarmed him knife to hand/batons/tasers/etc combat, and arrested or executed him if he continued to fight in short order.

quite obvious these cops were far more interested in their own safety rather than public safety. Should be out of a job for being scared of getting cut over and instead of executing a bystander rather than trying to rescue her.

Anonymous said...

Beanbag rounds, tazers, OC spray. All non-lethal types of force should not be used against a person armed with a deadly weapon. A knife really is a deadly weapon despite what all the Monday morning quarterbacks think. I think the Ferguson Effect occurred in this incident. This is a consequence of the leftists thinking they know how to police better than the police. Lefties got what they vote for and still complain.