Thursday, March 22, 2018

Whatever Happened to the Old CTA Dicks? Did they Kill Too Many Thugs?

The official star of the CTA Police
In Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority best known as the CTA once had its own police department.  There were about 100 male cops that were called, CTA dicks.  

They were trained and armed to deal with the muggers, sex offenders and fare jumpers that always plague public transit. 

There was a slight problem.  Since they wore plain clothes and were a predominantly white group they were choice targets of roving groups of black criminals.   

The CTA dicks were sending more thugs to the hereafter then any police agency in the state of Illinois including Chicago cops.  Most of these shootings were somehow magically kept out of the news! 

The vast majority of the thugs killed by the CTA dicks were career felons.  Others were youngsters just beginning their lives of crime.  

The bogus screams of racism and murder by cops became a PR nightmare.  So in the early 1970s they put all the CTA dicks in green uniforms and put them in patrol cars guarding CTA bus barns where nothing bad ever happens.  Soon they disbanded this entire department.  

The Chicago Police Department then created their Mass Transit uniformed Unit.  For a while they included some undercover officers but they too were targeted by unsuspecting black thugs.  After a few more Justifiable shootings they pulled nearly all plain-clothed officers from this duty. 

So today you have the grandsons of the old thugs that wear hoodies to defeat the new technology surveillance cameras.  They are pretty much guaranteed of no undercover police interference with their crimes.  

The politicians made the CTA property a, GUN FREE ZONE to deter potential robbery or rape victims from shooting the the well protected thugs roaming the Windy City! 

It’s a great country, isn’t it! 


Anonymous said...

Listen to CPD radio dialog as they attempt to track down a crime in progress involving the CTA. Two systems that don't mesh well. Close to impossible to make it work.

Baby"G" said...

I worked as a Chicago Police Sgt., assigned to the CTA Mass Transit Unit,702, from 1989 to 2010. There were Civilian Dress Tactical Units assigned to 701, the main CTA Mass Transit Unit, but it is accurate that the bulk of the Unit was in uniform. We in 702 had a 4th and 5th Watch that consisted of Chicago Police Officers working on their days off or furlough. We had these officers in civilian attire and were able to make many arrests, and were involved in a few situations where offenders were shot or killed. When McCarthy became Superintendent, some of his friends from New York P.D. came to Chicago to assess the manner in which police were deployed. When they came to the Mass Transit Unit, they were Horrified to see how few officers were assigned. Remember, New York deploys about 3,000 officers to their transit system, while Chicago, which is a smaller, but still a major system deploys less than 200 officers. Now consider that there are over 75 stations, some operating 24/7, and let's not forget the buses, which during rush hours means at least 400 buses in service. When Huberman took over the CTA, the strategy of using cameras instead of cops was instituted, so today you will seldom see a cop uniformed or plain clothes. Unfortunately for the Public, the cameras are not always monitored, so they are a great investigative tool, but that is after the fact that you have been, beaten, robbed, murdered or raped! I retired after 20 years in Mass Transit, and I would not want any of my family members or friends on the CTA, because it is Unsafe. As for the old CTA police, I vaguely remember them and do not recall when they were disbanded. However, I do recall some of them joined the Chicago Police Department, but they were required to attend our Academy, since their prior certification as Peace Officers was not recognized by CPD. Baby "G"

Big Daddy said...

I don't think you get it Paul. We do not want to offend our criminals here in Chicago. They are voters and the Democrats need the votes.

Anonymous said...

Just allow CCW on CTA and problem solved.

Anonymous said...

When is everybody gonna learn? It has very little to do with votes. What these "liberals",i.e. ardent communists want is chaos. An ungovernable populous that requires or demands more laws that limit the law abiding from any form of self reliance. They want a helpless society that looks to government the way they should look to God and themselves. Street thugs are the social terrorists of the communists.

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Anonymous said...

This is an excellent read.I take the Soul Train everyday in Chicago.A few days ago a 67 year old woman was innocently reading,when all of a sudden a feral monster smashed her in her eye.She lost her vision.The monster was apprehended.The article is on CWB Chicago.

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