Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sovereign Citizen Movement Scam

The so called "Secret Bank Account" scam the Sovereign Citizen Cult is spreading will put gullible followers/believers behind bars and destroy their  lives.  Here are the facts!

Here is the recently unsealed indictment against two ringleaders of the movement.
  Heather Randall by crimefile on Scribd


Anonymous said...

Well done report, Mr Huebl. Reporting on actual stories that the "media" can't and won't due to their politicized life is a great alternative. Thank you for the information, I had not even heard of this scam before.

Mudslinger888 said...

Thanks for a most concise and accurate account of this CULT or religion. I was sucked into this movement briefly a few decades ago, now trying to help a friend who is being hoodwinked by a radical right wingnut.. it seems to follow the racists, white supremacists, moronic drumpf-stupid angry without knowing why.. first time just found your site, I am keeping this one, bravo.