Thursday, July 06, 2017

Electronic Newsgathering, the FAA and Drones

NJ Governor Chris Christie captured by an exclusive drone photo by, NJ Advance Media
Los Angeles, CA—The FAA is over-regulating while moving at a snail’s pace as drone technology is advancing at supersonic speed.  Right now camera drones manufactured by DJI are totally safe and virtually crash proof.
Despite claims of potential airline crashes and total mayhem there is not a single death, serious injury or significant property damage from our modern camera drones. They've been around for years now. 
TV news is spending millions that they really don’t have on $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 per hour news choppers.  Drones operate at a tiny fraction of the cost of news helicopters and they are much safer.  There are already million of drones out there in the hands of Americans of every description.
Noisy helicopters are a serious distraction to first responders even at the 500-foot altitude they are required to maintain.   Today’s camera drones fly much lower and can barely be heard.  The prop-wash from drones is miniscule. 
It was a low flying drone that recently caught New Jersey Governor Chris Christie arrogantly enjoying the beach he closed to the public during a fiscal crisis. Drones are actually superior to choppers for covering all manner of news stories except high-speed police chases.
Journalists everywhere are feeling the pinch of lost viewers and readers.  Newsroom budgets are under the ax all over the world right now.   Using drones can save jobs.  The single largest expenditure of every medium and large market American newsroom are for helicopters. 
Where is the media lobby when ignorant and paranoid politicians are trying to ban or restrict drones for electronic news gathering?  The First Amendment issues are glaring! 
Media organizations are fighting for survival right now but the empty suits in corporate management just don’t get it.  Commonsense and the desire to improve the product they are selling should motivate media executives to demand the FAA and Congress allow for unbridled drone use in urban areas.  Certainly,  just as helicopters are allowed drones belong integrated in our skies.
The spectacular video below was captured by a $1,000.00 DJI Mavic Pro, 4K camera drone. 

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