Sunday, June 25, 2017

13 MINUTES, A Crimefile News Film Review

 Political assassination is a sensitive subject especially for those that believe in their government and support their leaders.
Hindsight can make heroes or villains out of those who take the law into their own hands to end evil regimes. 
13 Minutes is about an assassin that saw his absolute social responsibility to kill a very popular politician, Adolf Hitler.
It was November of 1939 when carpenter and metal worker, Georg Elser, 36 undertook the killing of the most protected man in the world. 
Elser had associated with Communists and had joined a workers union.  Elser considered Hitler both a criminal and a Gypsy.  He felt the ambitious dictator was dangerous for humanity.
Elser hatched a clever plot to plant a bomb behind the speaker’s platform at the popular Burgerbraukeller Hall where Hitler gave an annual longwinded speech.  Elser was able to sneak into the venue at night spending two months rebuilding a wood and plaster column concealing an intricate and powerful time bomb. 
Hitler arrived but was pressed for time and gave a much-abbreviated speech.  He came with his high ranking henchmen including Josef Goebbels, Reinhard Heydrich, and Rudolph Hess.  Unfortunately the intended target left the venue just 13 minutes before the bomb went off. 
The huge blast killed eight people and another 62 were injured.   The relentless Gestapo dragnet for the bomber had begun.
Days later, Elser was detained at the Swiss border and found with tools and drawings connected to his failed plot.  He was handed over to the Gestapo.   The interrogation became the responsibility of Kripo (criminal police) head, Arthur Nebe.   
What followed was the six years of redundant, unimaginable torture and internment in the Dachau Concentration Camp.  They loosened Elser’s lips by threatening the love of his life a married woman named, Else Harlen, and his own close family members.
The movie is indeed a historical thriller. The films Director Oliver Hirschbiegel crafted into the grisly torture scenes cinematic flashbacks of Elsers’ remarkable life and relationships.   
As for the acting throughout the film every actor carries his or her weight in great style.   Christian Friedel as Georg Elser knocks his role out of the ballpark.  He’s followed by veteran actor, Burghart Klausner, (The People vs. Fritz Bauer and Bridge of Spies) who expertly plays Arthur Nebe. There is always a woman involved in these things and the very sensuous, Katharina Schuttler, played Elsner's married love interest. 
The film is in German and is certainly worth the effort to read the English subtitles.  It opens on 30 June at select theaters around the nation. 
Go see this film it won’t disappoint! Here's the trailer!

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