Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Film Review of a Great Thriller! This Last Lonely Place

Los Angeles, CA—I see a lot of films most of which are really forgettable.  I have a policy of only reviewing films that I totally enjoy.  This one certainly meets my criteria!  It’s called, This Last Lonely Place staring Rhys Coiro, Xander Berkeley and Carly Pope. 
The Humphrey Bogart Estate through Santana Films, produced this film, both written and directed by Steve Anderson.  It’s a Noir style film of the kind I always enjoy when the story is terrific as this one.

Military veteran Sam Taylor (Rhys Coiro) is an L.A. taxi cab driver on his last scheduled shift before leaving for Hawaii to hopefully reunite with his ex and two young daughters. He picks up a fare, Frank Devore (Xander Berkeley) and the tale begins.  Devore is a troubled investment banker with a lot of questionable cash.  Soon they are joined by Devore’s hot mistress, Faye Gardner (Carly Popeand this surprising plot thickens. You will be taken for an unforgettable and wild night ride through Iconic L.A. neighborhoods.  Telling you anymore would spoil everything! 

The cast and crew delivered this fast paced story to the screen in top form.

Let me also say that this low budget film was an outstanding example of blowing away any big money projects.  The late Alfred Hitchcock had a gift for doing great things without building huge sets or creating over-blown special effects.  This films moves on very well with an amazing script.  

I see many quality films that don’t get the publicity-hype and distribution they deserve.  Accordingly too often, the film audiences will miss some real gems.  This film was made in 2014 and is only now getting released.  

May I suggest finding where this film is playing and seeing it very soon.  You wont be sorry!  I will purchase the DVD when it is released for my personal film library. Please share this with your friends.

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