Thursday, August 25, 2016

Censorship is alive and well in California!

Los Angeles--For those blog visitors that are unaware I'm both a senior citizen and a member of SAG-AFTRA Union. The gracious president of our union has asked us to contact Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown.  Our union president Is the elegant and talented Gabrielle Carteris who wants to see a bill passed by dopey members of the California Assembly signed into law!  

I certainly understand the motivation for the legislation that would outlaw publishing the ages or dates of birth of actors.  They simply want to combat age discrimination.  Currently the Internet Movie Database or the IMDB lists the ages of every known actor in the world.  Understandably decisions are made by casting directors to include or exclude actors in film parts based on the published information.

Publishing the age information is constitutionally protected activity! What these politicians and screen actors representatives seem to have forgotten is that in many nations no film can be produced without advanced script approval by government.  Productions are shut down or in the alternative theaters are barred from showing their films.  This is censorship is pure and simple!  Let's not build a slippery slope so the censorship can return the filmmaking.  

Nearly a half century ago the city of Chicago had a small group of little old church ladies that would watch every film. No film could be exhibited within the city limits without their approval! It may seem hilarious by today's standards but only 25% of the movies that are available today would ever see daylight if they had their way! 

American politician/lawmakers don't give a rat's ass about the Constitution or our freedoms.  They just make laws they think will keep them popular with voters and employed as overpaid, career lawmakers. 

This is terrible legislation and should be defeated. It certainly will wind up in the courts and tax players can pay the litigation bill for decades of appeals. 

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