Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why I’m convinced Oswald Acted Alone When He Assassinated JFK.

Oswald's crappy 6.5 Italian Carcano rifle
Dallas, TXLee Harvey Oswald was a former Marine.   He was trained on the eight round semi-automatic M-1 Garand rifle.  In 1963 he military was dumping those fine rifles on the surplus market when they switched to the 20 round M-14 rifle.
Klien’s Sporting Goods in Chicago was selling both the far superior M-1 Garand and the crappy 6.5 Carcano rifle that Oswald bought and used on Kennedy.  Of course Kline’s sold many other rifles by mail order back then.  Oswald selected the really cheap Carcano rifle.  He also bought a cheap 4X scope. 
Had there been any kind of conspiracy Oswald would have purchased a far superior rifle like the M-1 Garand he was trained to use.  Certainly had others been involved a better rifle would have been chosen.
The distance between Kennedy and the sixth floor window was just 81 meters.  Kennedy’s limo was traveling in a straight line away from Oswald’s position at less than 12 miles per hour.
This was what most experienced shooters would call a “cheap shot”.  No particular skill was needed to hit Kennedy even using the bolt-action rifle.  However the use of a semi-automatic rifle would maximize the success of that mad act. 
Conspiracy theories would exist no matter who killed Kennedy.  Conspiracies sell books and films. We know that the Kennedy assassination theories sold massive amounts of books, movie tickets and supermarket heckout line tabloids. .
The truth is that Oswald’s rifle with shipping cost him less than $22.00.  The really great M-1 Garand cost less that $100.00 at the time.
Every time I hear the words, Kennedy and Conspiracy, I cringe.  It’s all baseless, even though there were plenty of people that really wanted Kennedy out of the Whitehouse.
We all know Oswald, an avowed Communist that wanted to become important to Fidel Castro.  Kennedy tried to overthrow and kill the Cuban dictator.  Oswald had dreams of being a hero in the new Communist Utopia in Cuba.
One man murdered both Kennedy and Dallas cop J.D. Tippett.  That man was Lee Harvey Oswald.
As for Jack Ruby he was just another narcissist jackass who thought he’d be hailed as a hero for killing the most hated man in America.
I hope I’ve helped those people that still ask themselves nagging questions about that 22nd day in November 1963.
As for me, I was in the ROTC Class at Chicago’s Senn High School when we got word the Kennedy was shot.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 


True News said...

Happy Birthday!!!! May it be great!

Anonymous said...

SS Agent Hickey accidentally shot(head) Kennedy from the rear with his AR15.

Anonymous said...

Loved the M1 Garand...... Was in military school when I was 16 and on a rifle team. Got to fire the M1 Garand and also drill with it for two years........I could assemble it blindfolded.....

Anyway, when I eventually got into the Navy I got a wooden rifle to drill with in boot camp....never saw an M1 again. Wish I had one.

Anonymous said...

Secret Service Agent Hickey had an AD with his AR15. Why do think the xrays were doctored and the brain is missing...all that 55gr frag........6.5 fmj makes a nice hole and the bullet stays intact......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Who else would fuck up with a firearm so badly?? Why LE officials of course.It was SS Agent Hickey with an AD that popped Kennedy in the dome.That is why the brain is missing and they(SS) wiped down the Presidential limo at Parkland Hospital.

The original xrays are reported by eye witness testimony to have multiple fragments(556) and xray tech threatened to alter xray plates. The 6.5mm would not frag like that,the bullets "rivets" and twists in shape,like the "magic" bullet found on the gurney at Parkalnd.