Friday, March 11, 2016

There is a documentary film about rocks that really rocks!

Los Angeles, CA--While attending the German Film Pre-Oscar Reception here I saw an attractive lady and asked a fellow who I was chatting with what he knew about her.  He made a disapproving face and said she made documentary films about rocks.  He then said  that her films must be dreadful! 

That lady was Petra Haffter and I didn't care about the the quality of her films because she had a great presence and she rang my bell.  I had to meet her!  

I forgot the line I used on Petra, but she responded in a warm and friendly manner.  I liked her more by the second! Her personality was equally attractive! 

Petra then invited my to a screening of her film series on rocks.  Suddenly in my mind I could see the disapproval on the face of of the guy who thought Petra's films must be dreadful.  I tried not to show Petra any skepticism but I had some serious doubts.  I then called the Goethe Institute and put in my RSVP for the screening.  

Tonight was the screening.  Petra really packed the house! Either she was a great promoter or her project was hot! 

Petra spent a year and a half making her five-part series that took her to Rajasthan, India in search of white marble, the Pacific Rim to see lava at various stages, sandstone, meteors in the American Southwest and granite at the French Atlantic coast. 

Drone video was everywhere but used in subtle and clever ways. The cinematography was great and the sound was a combination of great music with energetic and expertly researched narration by Petra. Petra's minimal German accent all but completely disappeared.  Petra's writing would rival Hemingway any day! 

There are three more parts to this series and I don't want to miss them! 

Could a series about rocks, rock you ask? The answer is a rock solid, yes! 

Petra's website has a trailer for the series!

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Anonymous said...

I want to learn about meteors I'd like to check it out. I don't blame you for putting the "make" on her! She's very cute! Thanks for the review!