Saturday, May 16, 2015

Venice, CA Like You’ve Never Seen It!

Venice, CA—In this community there are stark contrasts in people and lifestyles.  Let me take you on a magic carpet ride to the better side of town along their famous canals!


Ed Skinner said...

Nice work -- The high shot of canals with the ocean in the far background was my favorite but, I must confess, I wanted to fly under that arched bridge!

The partially cloudy day made for nice reflections on the water.

All in all, it made me want to visit and explore!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Paul, I agree with Mr Skinner and was hoping your tour would take us under the bridge. Was it because of your flying skills; technical issues; or some law/ordinance prohibiting such a manuever? I'd like to think you did not out of consideration to the residents. Thanks, CPD retired for the last 3yrs after nearly 41 yrs. of service