Saturday, May 23, 2015

UPDATED!!! Is The First Amendment Dead In The Town of Paradise Valley Arizona?

UPDATE!!! I'm pleased to report that the town council tabled the drone ban ordinance acknowledging it needed to be studied.  They put off consideration until October at the earliest.  

A half-dozen or so people spoke against the ordinance and nobody supported it.  

I'm glad the council had second thoughts since this was created out of fear and misunderstanding. Frankly I'm proud of their taking the high road.  

As for those of you operating drones in Paradise Valley or for that matter anywhere, please fly safe and be considerate  of others.  

Town of Paradise Valley, AZ—In arguably the most expensive real estate in the State of Arizona they are proposing the most draconian camera drone ban ever!
The town’s council will be voting on this draft ordinance during their May 28, 2015 meeting. 
They want to outlaw any use of a drone without a single use permit and fee.  It further outlaws the publishing of all aerial images in somewhat ambiguous and vague language. 
Make no mistake; this would criminalize drone use if it were passed.  “Paradise” here is apparently an oxymoron! 
The biggest rub here is that the FAA has exclusive jurisdiction of the skies.  Further those including any government agency or private business like Google would be in violation by capturing or publishing aerial images of the town’s land and structures.
I guess some of the town’s father’s think they can require citizens to purchase permits before they should be able to enjoy the our long established rights in Paradise Valley. 
Perhaps this hastily and poorly thought out draft law needs a little more thought and its author needs some remedial education with respect to our Bill of Rights.
Maybe those interested need to contact these officials:
The Town of Paradise Valley, AZ and it’s Council:
Mayor Michael Collins
Vice Mayor Paul Dembow
Council Members::
Jerry Bien-Willner
Mary Hamway
David Sherf
Mark Stanton
Maria Syms
Town Manager: Kevin Burke
Town Attorney:Andrew Miller
Their e-mail addresses are below:
Below is the town’s draft ordinance along with my video directed to these officials:


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Anonymous said...

Drone crime in Paradise Valley?

News item! A drunken man in Washington DC flew his drone over our Whitehouse. He actually crashed the thing right on the lawn before the front door! They did not charge this man with a crime of any kind and the Secret Service actually returned his drone to him! The FAA took no action! Had he crashed his drone On Mayor collins' front lawn they'd be seeking the death penalty in Paradise Valley!