Monday, April 06, 2015

The Great Assault Rifle Propaganda Scam!

The more powerful .30 caliber round above the little M-16/AR-15 (.223 caliber) round
Common (.30 caliber) hunting rifle
M-1 Rifle semi-automatic (.30 caliber) used in WW-2 and the Korean War

AR-15 civilian rifle (.223 caliber)
Los Angeles, CA—Nearly three decades ago the Gun Control zealots pulled a fast one on the public and media.  This was right out of Nazi propaganda minister, Josef Goebbels’ playbook.
Goebbels said that,  “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.” We all know now that he was spot on in that observation!
Certain military rifles were called assault rifles.  Perhaps it was a marketing gimmick to make them sound all-powerful and magical.  They were also all fully automatic as in, machine guns.
Soon gun makers exploited the designs of some of these assault rifles for the legal civilian market.  They made lookalike rifles that were only semi-automatic. 
Any similarity of the AR-15 rifle to the M-16 was purely cosmetic.  But these civilian copies became popular with military veterans that were all trained with the M-16.  That was simply because they were somewhat similar.
From the distance the M-16 and the AR-15 are identical.  Looks here are deceiving.  The Gun Control propagandists renamed the military lookalike rifles as, Assault Rifles!  This was a huge semantics scam.
The little lightweight M-16 (.223 caliber) rifles made their combat debut in Viet Nam.  It was a fast firing light rifle suited for jungle combat. 
The Viet Cong enemy in Viet Nam had no body armor and they lived in grass huts.  The more powerful rifle rounds of earlier wars just weren’t needed there. 
Soldiers could also carry much more of the smaller M-16 rounds into combat.
Military tacticians were also savvy enough to know that every wounded soldier required two healthy soldiers to carry and tend to each man wounded.  The lighter round proved very effective this way.
In an urban setting with concrete barriers and body armor availability the M-16 is woefully inadequate.  Low powered M-16/AR-15 rounds have poor penetration ability and can’t stop vehicles or anyone wearing light armor.
Currently, our soldiers in the Mideast should be carrying heavier weapons such as the M-14 (.30 caliber) developed at the End of the Korean War.  Instead they must rely on the weapons better suited for Viet Nam jungle warfare.
American law enforcement chose M-16 style weapons simply because of ammunition availability and the veterans that were hired were already familiar with them.  
Accordingly police agencies were satisfied with using cheap, light body armor that would stop the little M-16/AR-15 rounds.
The ignorant media and public assumed that these lookalike weapons of war were the deadliest ever! They always ignorantly refer to them as “high powered assault weapons”.
The AR-15 (.223 caliber) round proved too underpowered for hunting larger American game animals like deer and antelope.  The animals would get shot and runaway wounded only to needlessly suffer. 
High-powered rifle rounds barely begin at .308 (.30 caliber) and advance upward until the .50 caliber BMG.  Calling a M-16/AR-15 round, “high powered” is indeed laughable.
Assault weapon bans were designed to take out the most popular AR-15 rifles because of their sheer numbers.  
The fact remains the more benign looking wood stocked rifles are still much more powerful.  The American Sniper, Chris Kyle used a bolt-action .308 (.30 caliber) rifle for his legendary, one-shot, one-kill missions.
Just look at the size difference above.  Pictured above is the tiny M-16/AR-15 round (.223 caliber) is compared to the M-1 rifle round (.30 caliber).


Anonymous said...

Thank you for publishing this. Unfortunately, the people who need to read it won't. In part, because not arriving at their positions reasoning from facts, facts won't budge them. Also in part because nine-tenths of the media and academia are equally ignorant and pleased to remain so.

Unknown said...

It doesn't matter the color, size or shape of a firearm. The anti-guns nuts just don't like guns and being ignorant are afraid of them. The only thing that will make them happy is when no one can own one. That's why we can't make any concessions, whatever we give up is one less thing that have to attack us on.

Anonymous said...

Said it all. I prefer the 7.62x39 (30 cal). Won't bounce off!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the 7.62x39mm round as it won't bounce off much of anything!