Thursday, April 02, 2015

Breaking News! Crimefile News Is Competing for an Oscar Award!

I plan on winning this award on my latest project!
Los Angeles, CA—Let me say I’m excited to announce my lofty but very reachable plans to make some filmmaking history! 
I’m going to take crowd-funding to its maximum limits for filmmaking.  I have agreed to take on an unusual documentary film challenge.
I’ve taken a crash course in crowd funding and will soon impose on everyone I possibly can to make my film possible. Every penny counts!
I won’t reveal the subject matter beyond that it will be cutting edge and raise lots of eyebrows around the globe.
There are just a few people that know about the project right now but once my video pitch is ready I will quickly post it here first. 
I hope to take a few people with me to the Oscar stage in Hollywood and we have confidence that we can bring home the Gold!
Stay tuned in coming weeks…

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Anonymous said...

I have already supported a few smaller videos on a crowd source/angel investing site, and i am looking forward to your presentation.