Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How Our Sacred Bill of Rights has all but Vanished

Washington, DC—The basic Human Rights Protections given to us through the blood of patriots and tyrants in the Bill of Rights are all but dead.
Should you try and obtain a copy of the simple and plain English version by an Internet search it will be quite a challenge.  Instead you will get paraphrased versions with lots of “explanations” by so-called legal scholars.
The actual text is far too dangerous to publish.  People would certainly be “misled” into believing our government has become lawless and tyrannical.
Essentially the Far Left Wing of our academia all want us to believe that the words don’t mean what they say.  They want us to accept that only intellectually superior people like them can understand simple words.
The authors of our Bill of Right deliberately made tampering with this important human rights document very difficult.   A simple majority vote cannot change our Constitution. 
The Left Wing hates our Constitution and Bill of Rights simply because it is a solid bar to Socialism and Communism.
The United States Supreme Court is made of men and women who are appointed by presidents for life.  They are appointed more for partisan reasons rather than their sound legal abilities.  The Court is politically divided much like our population.
As for the Bill of Rights, the task of our courts is to use it to protect us from government tyranny.   They too often fail in that important mission.  Instead they constantly attempt to redefine the text allowing for tyranny. 
Our courts have allowed for the abolition of free speech, gun rights and have decimated our rights against unreasonable search and seizure. 
After a decade or seven the Supreme Court may review a lower court finding and reestablish a right like they did with the McDonald and Heller gun cases.   In effect a lower court can suspend our rights and if we are lucky some time before we die our rights may be returned by our Supreme Court.
In one strange case Roe v Wade the Supreme Court somehow wrote us a new right, the Right to Privacy.  Apparently this new right only applies to women and their physicians on obtaining abortions.
Without taking a position on abortion rights or the warm and fuzzy PC term, the Right to Choose I can’t imagine how the court could do this in an intellectually honest way.  The Court in effect took a lawless short cut to amend the Constitution.
I can’t tell you how many legal professors, politicians or self-described legal experts have made speeches extolling the virtues of the Bill of Rights and then unceremoniously attacked them.
The Left Wing has invented rhetoric that may sound legally plausible but is pure hogwash.  They tell us the Constitution is a “living document” that evolves with popular notions of today’s politics.  They also tell us our rights “Must be balanced against the collective security needs of the masses.”  Collectivism is what Communism and Socialism is all about. 
I love it when I hear cops, prosecutors and judges say that times have changed, or that in a “Post 9/11 World” we must do things differently. 
I guess that they forgot that the Bill of Rights was the direct result of The Revolutionary War.  They forgot that we have had a Civil War and two World Wars and that compared, 9/11 is an insignificant event!  We never once found the need to amend the Bill of Rights the proper way!
The serious threat of sabotage during our wars never before led to a group of uniformed lawless government thugs like our TSA.
Our Bill of Rights is dead because people have simply accepted the constant watering down of their human rights.  They never get it until they are victimized personally when its way too late to do anything.  

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