Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Review of The Dallas Buyers Club Movie

Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto

Los Angeles, CA—This screenplay languished in Movie Purgatory for years before it broke out and was finally turned into a feature film.   It’s the biographical story of rodeo cowboy, electrician and small time hustler Ron Woodroof.  
In the early 1980s Woodroof was a homophobic that practiced unsafe heterosexual relations and abused drugs.  After getting diagnosed with HIV and soon AIDs,  he began serious research into the experimental drug therapies.  They were all experimental then, because drug protocols had not yet been developed to combat this deadly plague.  
Because of the incredibly slow action and outright obstruction of the FDA Woodroof began importing and distributing the non-narcotic drugs himself.  Rather than sell the drugs he circumvented the law by forming The Dallas Buyers Club and selling memberships.
Woodroof proved to be e hero to those suffering from HIV and AIDS along with their loved ones.   Of course tens of thousands of hemophiliacs were infected by tainted blood despite not engaging in risky behavior.
Matthew McConaughey gave a commanding performance as Woodroof.   He deliberately lost 30 pounds to fit the role of an emaciated AIDs victim.  Actor Jared Leto was incredible as an infected and drug-addicted transgender that won Woodroof’s respect as a fellow soldier in the fight of the deadly disease.   Actress Jennifer Garner shines in her role as a frustrated physician and fellow AIDs warrior.  
Jean-Marc Vall’ee directed this cinematic masterpiece.   Go see this film, it’s well worth the price of admission.   

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Anonymous said...

How soon they forget.

Not all that long ago (as depicted in this movie) our homosexual community suffered horrifically under the yoke of government incompetence and yet today they are the biggest supporters of big government.

You would think the survivors would have learned something from that experience.

How profoundly sad.