Saturday, December 21, 2013

Killer Cops are the Result of Militarization of Local Police Forces.

Los Angeles, CA—Police training has taken a fascist turn here along with our political leadership.  One only has to look at the prison population to understand we are in a police state growing by the second into something no rational human beings will want.
Police work is sometimes dangerous.  Criminals despite laws and every kind of gun ban still rape rob and murder.  We insist of maintaining the miserably failed Drug War keeping illicit profits and government corruption at an all time high.   Our liberty and freedom has been at an all time low as a direct result.
We’ve turned street cops into urban commandos raiding homes (many by mistake) at all hours.  The result is far more dangerous than the outlawed drugs themselves.
We want our cops alive and train them to take no chances.  The hero cop is really an endangered species.
I was trained differently.  We had no ballistic vests and carried six-shot service revolvers as we worked the mean streets of Chicago.  We understood two things; deadly force was to be a last resort and to weigh the moral consequences of any deadly force used.
We were taught that mental illness often brought on people’s violent reactions and that we need to be as humane as possible.  Bringing suspects to justice alive was the goal.  Bringing them in dead was always considered a serious failure. 
Frankly the average Chicago cop in a busy district could kill as many as 12 suspects a year with complete justification.  Instead cops looked for every reason not to pull the trigger.  Of course where there was no option whatsoever bullets must fly.
In the early 1970s then, New York City Police Detective and psychologist Harvey Schlossberg became the father of modern police hostage negotiation in American police work.  His efforts saved countless lives of cops, hostages and suspects.  The result was his hostage negotiation training that really exemplified the sanctity of human life.  The negotiator that had the fewest injuries or fatalities on his watch won.
Now cops are armed to the teeth with heavier weapons and are protected with military armor and vehicles.  The negotiations end once there is a clear shot, all in the name of officer safety.  Schlossberg’s model has been for the most part replaced with military rules of engagement.  Modern military training that so many vets have has changed the direction of police agencies to quicker use of deadly force at every level.
Something has gone wrong here.  I see no turning back to the days of police heroes like former Chicago Police Superintendent James Rochford.  Rochford brought in mentally deranged war vet, Frank Kulak alive after he used bombs and guns killing both civilians and cops.  Rochford used his own skill and bravery beyond the call of duty as a negotiator to successfully end this prolonged siege. 
Today, Frank Kulak would have been taken out like the Waco, TX Branch Davidians were with firebombs and helicopters under scorched earth rules of engagement.


Anonymous said...

Military veteran shot down by LAPD.

Some people in the military have already suffered a hellavalot, but no relief in the form of help, & therapy when they return home,

Instead for their service which may have caused PTSS- they are just slaughtered. Know that there are NO second chances when it comes to a LAPD or FOS police chase. Things will go wrong, because the police would rather protect themselves, and you will be as dead as a dodo!

Anonymous said...

How long before the TENS OF MILLIONS of armed citizens, when seeing the cops coming just start shooting and consider it self defense?

Keep it up and as times get tougher and tougher, this Israeli training, this zio-nazi instilled brutality towards innocent men, women, children and even our dear pets is going to backfire on you. Backfire dramatically.

In Pa. where I live, on opening day of deer season there are 800,000 men, women and youths 'out and about' armed with high powered rifles, shotguns and pistols. One state. Wake up!

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Unless they go through military type training to follow orders to shoot cops, it is not possible for 95 percent of the people to shoot cops, even in self-defense. And, almost all of the other 5 percent are cops or in government positions.

I have tried pointing out how some cops have murdered people such as how a cop shot and killed a man walking down the street just whittling on a piece of wood and how the killed a little girl sleeping on a sofa.

There minds will not even allow them to accept that even if it is video. It doesn't enter their brain. Instead they reply, "When someone is shooting at a cop, he has a right to shoot back."

Furthermore, even if they could believe, they are conditioned to obey and just like the Jews under Hitler they will be passive and while being shot and murdered.

All we can hope for is citizens becoming aware that a few cops go too far and hope for a political change.

Anonymous said...

"Unless they go through military type training to follow orders to shoot cops, it is not possible for 95 percent of the people to shoot cops, even in self-defense."

What does that even mean?
It's nonsense.

First, there are millions of veterans and second there are tens of millions of hunters, farmers, woodsmen, etc., etc. who shoot very well.

We aren't unarmed Germany or unarmed Bolshevik Russia. We're armed to the teeth.
As far as those armored tin cans the police are getting, that's all showboat crappola.
Anyone getting into one of those things might just as well go ahead and baste himself with butter first.

How about a little reality?
Recent and ongoing history.

Russian, with its immense Air Force, Army, Special Forces and all the rest could barely subdue Chechnya, a tiny nation the size of Rhode Island! Rhode Island!

How's Afghanistan working out?
How did Vietnam work out?

C'mon man!

Anonymous said...

Excellent point, this, except the Chechens were always a rebellious people, they had heavy arms as compared to the American people (RPGs, machine guns, rockets and missiles captured or bought from Russian troops, IEDs), were often first-class warriors, and they were willing to die in defense of their small patch of earth. Americans, by and large, have no combative spirit, and they will in all probability fold when push comes to shove. It is a most distressing fact, that tens of millions of armed men are being terrorized by such a small number of people. Free and brave? These words must have new meanings, opposite to their original meanings, if they are to apply to Americans.

Anonymous said...

Well, Chechnya compares pretty good with West (by God) Virginia.
Again, one state.. Tough folks like most rurals are. Tens of millions of them.

We don't know yet because the good times are still rolling, for the most part.

During relatively good times (food, water, beer, TV, etc.) the general mantra is 'do your own thing' 'anything goes', etc. and people put up with just about everything with a shrug, with an oh well.

When bad times come for real, the mantras rapidly morph into their counterparts.

Too early to say but I personally think most small city, small town and rural folks do indeed have it in them.

Don't forget, RPG (the great equalizer) is made right down the road in Mexico and I'm sure the (fill in the blank nations) will gladly supply thousands to whomever wants them.

Ask the combat vets how devastating these are. Especially RPG-29. Hezbollah versus the IDF in 2006. Remember? Quite a rout, eh? Like I said about Afghanistan. Hill people and farmers armed with RPG, AK's and IED's are at worst stalemating the much bragged about Jet fighters, choppers, transports, artillery, satellites and every electronic gadget under the sun.

Not to mention those US soldiers are OUR sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, uncles and cousins. They're not the 2%. They're us.

Time will tell.

slobotnavitch said...

The simple fact is that being a cop is one of the safest outdoor occupations in America. The old saw that "They lay their lives on the line for us every day," is pure fantasy, and one which America's Swinest themselves have come to believe. These louts should be relieved of their high-capacity autoloaders and go back to six-shot revolvers (actually a far better defensive weapon anyway) forthwith.

Anonymous said...

I like you, my man, you're clearly very knowledgeable. I do hope our rural folk have it in them, but only time will tell. As it were, they also happen to be among the staunchest supporters of American militarism, which is terribly unfortunate.
The great equalizer, indeed, the RPG. The American people should, as per their God-given right to keep and bear arms, have access to the latest and best weapons in the world in order to safeguard and defend their liberty. That includes the finest anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, as well as all manner of light and heavy arms. Unfortunately, most people, including supposedly pro-gunners, find this too radical. But as you said, as long as the people are willing to stand their ground and fight, no manner of gadgetry will defeat them. Will they stand or will they bend the knee? Only God knows.

Anonymous said...

slobotnavitch, that's the truth!

Approx. half the 'died in the line of duty' comes from driving around like maniacs and crashing their cars. Another large % is heart attacks. No doubt donut and steroid induced. They want a medal for that? Yep, they do.

Six out of every 10 police deaths are "accidental" and when you realize the grand total cop deaths for the whole US every year is approx. 150, well, pardon my lack of hand wringing.

For every one actual crime in progress the cops stop, hundreds are stopped by regular people on a daily basis. Twice I've deterred miscreants with bad intent just by showing them my pistol and a willingness to use it, need be.

Happens all the time, everywhere.
Thank God.

Hydroman said...

Years ago during the "Clinton Dynasty" Bubba promised to put 100,000 new cops on the streets of Amerika. That was the federalization of local police departments across the country. Very few new cops were hired but nearly all the police departments took the Federal money "with strings" that was offered. Just
watch history and you can see when they screwed us.

Anonymous said...

I was watching an late night re-run of ADAM 12. That is exactly how I remember most cops. Cops.They had a gun and club, sometimes mace but they were just cops. Today they are an OCCUPYING ARMY. ADAM 12 commanded respect because, for the most part, you could trust them. Today seeing cops strikes fear in most people. I watch as they saunter around giving everyone the evil eye.

The only reason a city cop needs a tank is to use on the citizens. I would urge all police types to do some web searching on the fate of tyrants. What happened to the police in places like east germany , romania, etc.

I would urge the cops to talk among themselves and ask if they really want to start murdering people simply becasue they have had enough. There is going to be a civil war in this country very soon and the cops could bring it to a very quick end simply by leaving their tanks and war toys behind and standing WITH not AGAINST the people, keep playing your stupid macho intimidation games and your outcome is already forordained. Love to all

Anonymous said...

Personally I think you guys are all a bunch of nuts. Talking about shooting cops. They protect us and you should appreciate them.

Unknown said...

Privatize, privatize, privatize.
Anarcho Capitalism

Anonymous said...

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. is being investigated by the FBI in Dec 2013 for corrupt practices, which is never corrected from within, since those within are looking the other way while brutality takes place.
Some outside oversight is sorely needed to stop the brutality and the corruption.

Just because a person wears a uniform does not mean they are on the side of the Angels.,0,4834651.storygallery#axzz2oRA4FzAF

Anonymous said...

Yes, they protect us by tenderly shooting, electrocuting and beating us to death. We do so love them.