Sunday, November 17, 2013

“Micro-Budget” Film May Be a Winner For a Terrific Dutch Actress

The multi-talented Carice van Houten

Los Angeles, CACarice van Houten is not well known yet in the USA.  She’s well represented at CAA by Tracy Brennan and managed by Janey van Ierland at Nummer19 in the Netherlands.  This very beautiful actress has both a pretty agent and gorgeous manager too!  I hope to meet this delightful trio someday!
Van Houten won the role of a lifetime in Paul Verhoeven’s film Black Book based on a true story.  That happens to be my all time favorite film about a young and sexy Jewish nightclub singer who was hiding from the Nazis in the Netherlands during the war.   Van Houten’s character by circumstances was recruited to join the Dutch Underground in this great thriller.  By all means get the film from Netflix or and see it.
Van Houten also landed a somewhat small but important role as Nina Von Stauffenberg, the wife of Tome Cruise’s character in the Brian Singer, Chris McQuarrie film Valkyrie.  Van Houten can be see in a meatier role as Melisandre on the HBO Series, Game of Thrones.  Van Houten can also be seen right now in theaters as Brigitta Jonsdottir in, The Fifth Estate
I leaned one thing early on about van Houten.  She absolutely rocks as an actress.  She is totally fearless as does complex and difficult scenes making them look so easy.  She never lets her ego get in the way of bringing the words of a script to life. Additionally van Houten's language and dialect skills are amazing!
Van Houten also has a great record album out on iTunes called See You on The Ice.  I listen to that as I drive around L.A.  All the songs are in English, my favorite being Particle of Light.  I also have the soundtrack from Black Book, which has a wonderful rendition of 100 Years From Today.
Van Houten just landed a lead role in a Jason Blume production of Incarnate.  Blume is a visionary filmmaker in that he makes so-called micro budget horror films.  His films have been incredible moneymakers because they are cheap to produce and they attract a large audience. 
The best example of a micro-budget film ever was George Romero’s Night of The Living Dead.  The cash register is still ringing for that old classic.
Blumehouse Productions has luckily landed van Houten to play opposite of Aaron Eckhart as the parents of a possessed nine year-old child.  This project was penned by script scribe, Ronnie Christensen and is being directed by Brad Peyton.  They are filming the project right now for a yet to be announced release date.  I wish the cast, crew and investors great success.
I hope to somehow land a video interview of van Houten someday soon if her manager or agent will allow her to do that with a smalltime blogger like me.  The only bigger thrill for me would be to dust of my Screen Actor’s Guild membership card to do a few scenes with her in some film.  I could play her father or perhaps boss. 
I actually wrote a script that is perfect for van Houten that’s been suddenly getting some needed attention lately.  All the stars would have to align before that happens and frankly the odds are somewhat against it. 
I’m hoping that American audiences will discover van Houten.  I was shocked to see media reporters and photographers asking van Houten what part she was playing at a Hollywood premier of the third season of Game of Thrones.  In fairness perhaps it was the missing vast mane of red hair Melisandre has that threw these guys off.  
Soon van Houten may be a Hollywood acting legend.  By the way van Houten has a project in development to play Gretta Garbo in a biopic film.  They do have an amazing resemblance. 
I will leave you with a couple of videos of van Houten in action:
Particle of Light from See You On The ICE

This was the German Premier of Black Book with director Paul Verhoeven, Carice van Houten, Sebastian Koch and others.  I speak German and know I missed a terrific event.


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