Saturday, November 02, 2013

Immediate Lessons From The LAX Attack By a Lone Suicidal Maniac

Los Angeles, CA—We are quickly learning about suicidal gunman Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23 who shot up Terminal 3 at LAX Airport.
Ciancia had one of those ugly black guns outlawed in his home jurisdiction of Pennsville, New Jersey and within the not so golden state of California.
We will learn about Ciancia's frail mental health and how he broke various gun bans and restrictions already in place.  Again we learn that gun laws are only obeyed by the law abiding who are left defenseless and at the mercy of armed thugs.
Ciancia’s parents put out a frantic call to police after the troubled lad sent disturbing suicidal texts to his brother.
Assuming he survives his UCLA Hospital stay we will learn a lot more about Ciancia’s psychiatric failure in some courtroom.
Ciancia suddenly taught us that our airports are still soft targets and that determined thugs can easily defeat the Security Theater Gauntlet posed by the TSA.   Imagine what three armed terrorists could have done after they breached the TSA barriers within seconds like Ciancia?
Let me also say that terrorists could even more simply gain access to any airport tarmac quickly and virtually unnoticed to do mayhem to any jet filled with passengers.
We must remember that our jets are not made of bullet or bomb resistant material but soft and light aircraft aluminum.  A small truck bomb could kill hundreds on one of our normally filled to capacity planes.
The TSA does little but destroy the employability and lives of people that absent-mindedly leave lawfully owned firearms in their suitcases.
When it’s suggested that forgetfulness is no excuse we seem to forget our own female family members.  Every day they forget and leave expensive lotions and beauty potions in their carryon’s only to see them confiscated by TSA workers.
The TSA practice of disarming pilots, off duty or retired cops and military members only makes our soft airport targets even more vulnerable.
Overall the TSA is one of the more worthless jobs program ever created.  Putting the hard corps unemployed into police style costumes has done nothing to make anyone safe.
The real less here is we will only get more of the same because our brain-dead politicians will never understand nor accept reality.

Read the Federal Complaint and Affidavit below:


Anonymous said...

LAX police chief revealed that his officers trained alongside LAPD and others for just the same exact scenario ~3 weeks ago.

Does this herald arming TSA agents? Will travelers submit to the blue uniformed incompetents calling out a "CODE BRAVO" while simultaneously aiming MP5's and M16's at our children and grandmothers??

Anonymous said...

At O'Hare the Airlines paid for police service that Daley never staffed. At times there were only 5 coppers for the 4 terminals out there. My point is that either the cities take control of the Airport or the G should. No way should TSA be armed and have powers of arrest unless you are willing to create a new Fed L.E. agency with 40000 armed officers. Then they need more pay and yatta-yatta! This so reminds me of Gov'nt not knowing how to handle anything. Either the Airports are made invasion proof or you got nothing!

Anonymous said...

Let people carry guns in the terminal. Gun free zones get people killed.

Anonymous said...

been away from CHI for awahile. Are the Dept of Aviation police still unarmed??Not that I would want them to have guns anyway.