Saturday, March 09, 2013

America’s K Through 12 Education has Become a Pure Propaganda Program

You can see these kids are not buried in books or anything academic.  
In every major city in America our children have been politically groomed with Leftist doublespeak and disinformation.  Our high school graduates understand the joys of Socialism but cannot effectively read or write.  They can’t answer simple question about our form of government and have no clue what the Bill of Rights really says or means.  They have never learned how Socialism failed everywhere.  They can’t tell you much about how America came to exist.
The teacher’s unions designed this system of child abuse and the politicians have given them their blessing.  These children have a future of poverty and pain because they were programed specifically for the welfare/nanny state.  These kids have no choice but to support Socialism because they have not learned about competition, communication skills or how to escape poverty.  They have been molded into incredibly ignorant and parasitic entitlement zombies.
Parents that send their precious children to today’s public schools are seriously putting them at risk.  Home schooling or a private education will definitely increase their chances at a better life.  Our junior colleges and colleges by necessity have become remedial reading centers.  Even a four-year college degree does not even insure a student can write a coherent essay unassisted upon graduation. 
How can we fix this mess?  I believe it’s much too late.  How did we let that happen?


Anonymous said...

Paul you are right on point with this article. We've created generations of hedonist, what use to be the exception has become the rule. Today's youth have'nt a clue, with "hoop" dreams and not much more, they are doomed for a life time of joblessness and poverty. Everyday the modern World creates more convienances that require less human interaction and fewer jobs... Where do we go from here?

Anonymous said...

This is one of the biggest problems that society will have to fix, or this country is doomed. People with Masters degrees nowadays can be as ignorant and illiterate as a high school drop out. Actually, that isn't quite true, as I know a few high school drop outs who are very intelligent. They just couldn't excel in the Chicago Public School system with all of those horrible teachers. A college degree no longer means that the recipient is educated, only that they showed up enough to pass and paid the fees. Our education system needs a complete overhaul. Not every job should require a college degree. There should be an alternate avenue of education after high school, such as trade schools. But the most important skills that need to be focused on are reading, writing and arithmetic. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Chicago does not have an educational system it has the worlds largest day care operation.

Would you want to send your kids to school with the SAVAGE??

Anonymous said...

Easy to fix the "mess." People like yourself with huge following need to disseminate home address information of ceo's, major shareholders and politicians most active in dismantling our Bill of Rights.
Broadcast live from in front of their homes!

When 300+ million Americans know exactly where these criminals live...#@!%^! will be unleashed!