Monday, July 30, 2012

Why Gun Control Laws and Bans Always Fail

Washington, DC—I ‘m not sure what gun control zealots consume in their diets that motivates them to disregard their own duty to protect themselves and their families.  We call all thank our survival on the gift of fear and the instinct to survive.  I will never let any politician dictate that I submit to a criminal attack and neither should you!
I guess some people think that 911 and government is adequate at least for their needs.  We know that’s foolish because they cant stop deadly violence even in the most controlled setting of all, maximum security prisons.  Humans have proven to be the most dangerous animals on earth. 
Gun Registration:
This was thought to be a tool to give police a way to trace guns used in crimes to the owner/suspect.  They also thought that maybe police need to know if there is a gun behind the doors that they knock on answering calls for service.  The opponents of registration suggest that it’s a scheme to aid government in planned future confiscation efforts.
Criminals never leave their guns behind at the scene of crimes unless they are wounded or are killed there.   With the suspect dead or in custody the gun’s ownership has no value.  If the gun was stolen there will be a report on file and the owner can be notified and his property returned. 
Only law-abiding qualified owners can be required to register firearms.  If that does not sound fair or reasonable we need only to look at two US Supreme Court opinions that held that making felons and mental defectives register their guns violates their self-incrimination rights.  Registration requires they confess their crime of gun ownership. 
Any cop that fails to assume that there in not a dangerous felon with an gun behind every door they visit will not survive in our world.  Cops are trained treat every door as an equal hazard until proven otherwise.
The two most egregious factors of gun registration is the high cost to administer the programs that have zero value in crime reduction and the requirement that owners sacrifice basic privacy rights.
Owning a car and a gun are not similar.  Owning a car is not a constitutional right but a government granted privilege.  Owning a gun is constitutional protected activity.
Gun Bans:
These are by far the most ineffective laws.  Criminals by nature don’t give a rat’s ass about any laws.   In addition police cannot search criminals or their dwellings without probable cause and or warrants.  
Making quality firearms has never been easier or cheaper to do.  With today's computer aided CNC machines simple semi-automatic rifles like the AK-47 can be manufactured quickly with minimal skills.   Any CNC machine operator making thousands of other products can switch to guns in a heartbeat. Ammunition manufacturing is so simple millions of Americans do that at home every day.
As with drug bans the gun bans will create additional criminal cartels filling the needs of people willing to pay cash.
We’ve banned drugs and know only too well that our addicts in in no danger of being cut off from their supplies.
Mexico has had a long-standing total ban on firearms.  That’s not worked out too well for them or the families of the 50,000 murdered there last year by the banned firearms.
Chicago, Washington DC and New York have had nearly total bans in place for decades.  Of course they are by far the most dangerous cities in America simply because only criminals have guns.
Gun Free Zones:
The gun control zealots got the grand idea to create and mark Gun Free Zones where gun possession is not tolerated.  Any recent massacres in the last tor or three decades are in these Gun Free Zones where criminals are well protected by the government!
Gun Shows:
The gun control zealots have singled out gun shows as places to to vent their anger.  I challenge anyone to give a single example of a rape, robbery or murder at any gun show in American history.  Millions of guns on display at thousands of shows and not a single violent event! 
Relaxed Concealed Carry Laws and Violence:
State after state has relaxed laws and ban to the carrying of loaded guns by the law-abiding.  The gun control zealots told every state legislature that allowing the carrying of guns will lead to massive bloodshed. 
The experience of the states that allow concealed weapons has been the exact opposite of what the gun control zealots have predicted.  Families are safer because they have the right to meaningful self-defense.
Gun Accidents:
Gun accidents have never been a significant problem in America.  We have nearly one gun for every man woman and child in civilian possession right now.  Both our population and the number of guns have never been higher but gun accidents are at an all time low. 
Cops Hate Gun Control Laws:
Politicians love to claim that law enforcement supports gun bans and restrictions.  They are talking only for the chiefs and superintendents that they appoint, never the rank and file street cop.  Police chiefs are politically appointed and must share the views of their mayors.  Street cops all know better as their own lives are on the line every day.   
The Gun Control Debate
Every time gun control is discussed and debated in America logic wins with our population.  Politicians have learned that they will be punished at the polls for restricting American’s self-defense rights.  They have not forgotten the massive wrath of voters after they passed the now expired so-called Assault Weapons Ban in 1994.  The voters appear smarter then the people they elect.

The mainstream media has a curious policy of following Liberal politicians straight to Hell and their slant has been countered by the new media. 


Anonymous said...

"Owning a car and a gun are not similar. Owning a car is not a constitutional right but a government granted privilege."


operating a piece of personal property on the common roads is a licensed, via vehicle registration and operator licensing, (as proof of ownership, proof of operator ability and responsibility, ie., valid liability insurance, knowledge of the 'rules of the road', etc.), function of state government.

that is all it is, not, in any way, a 'government granted privilege'.

in fact, the voluntary registration of motor vehicles is for the sole purpose of having an authoritative proof of ownership.

the mere ownership of a motor vehicle is hardly a function of government granting said ownership as a privilege.

Gunsmith said...

Article's right on the money..

Liberals never figure this out. I can only surmise it's a genetic deficiency on their part. Notice there's been NO massing shootings at police stations..

Gunsmith said...

Good article and right on the money. But liberals never figure this out. I can only surmise they might have a genetic deficiency in this regard.

Anonymous said...

Because of the simple fact that criminals do not obey laws and laws really do not provide any physical protection.