Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video--Hundreds of African-Americans Attack and Rob Wal-Mart

Jacksonville, FL—A mob of more than 300 violent African-Americans were caught on video storming, looting and doing major damage to a local Wal-Mart here last night.  Make no mistake this is terrorism and it's happening here.  Where is Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano
Is this the first major shot fired in an American race war?  There are sure to be more attacks before our summer is over.  The major media is doing all they can to play down the disturbing racial aspects of this vicious attack. The video has been removed by YouTube I guess it was too explosive. The truth is explosive and lots of people can't handle the truth.


Anonymous said...

I normally carry a 5 shot snub,one speed loader and two speed strips.

How does one conceal a Vickers water cooled MG???

Anonymous said...

Seriously, some of these thugs need to be shot and killed by someone defending themselves. That would make them think twice.

Anonymous said...

That is the city where I live. I've been on the fence, but that made up my mind - I'm buying more ammo.

Anonymous said...

Videos been removed from you tube.

Makes you wonder what was getting carried off from the rest of the store while this was diverting attention.

More ammo sounds real good

Anonymous said...

Here is is Paul. There were others that made copies :)