Saturday, April 21, 2012

Andrew Breitbart’s Autopsy Report Lacks Important Answers and Raises More Questions

Los Angeles, CA—The untimely death of Conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart the night before he claimed to be releasing bombshell evidence that would derail Obama’s reelection campaign is beyond suspicious.

I interviewed witness Christopher Lasseter who saw Beritbart cross the street from the Brentwood, step onto a curb and, “drop like a sack of potatoes.” Breitbart collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the Starbucks. Civilians, cops and paramedics treated him at the scene. He was then transported to and pronounced dead at the UCLA Medical Center in nearby Westwood.

Lasseter went on to describe Breitbart’s clothing down to his high-end Converse sneakers. Lasseter was not familiar with Breitbart or his background. Lasseter was there walking his dog and became involved with the attempt to follow a 911 operator’s instructions to save the dying man’s life.

I asked Lasseter specifically about Breitbart’s skin color and he said it was “bright red.” That bothered me because as an Army medical corpsman I knew that most heart attack victims turned blue.

I quickly got on the telephone to Palo Alto, California with one of the most respected vascular surgeons in the nation, Tej Singh, MD and asked him about that revelation. I also informed the physician that Breitbart was was consuming wine just before he died.

Dr. Singh reminded me that wine was a vascular dilator and enough of it would turn Breitbart’s skin red. He went on to tell me about Japanese men that drink lots of wine and suffer heart attacks. It’s all too common to see their skin turn red.

The shock of the Breitbart autopsy report is that Beritbart had a blood-alcohol concentration in his blood of .04, which is minimal. Why then was Breitbart’s skin bright red?

Poisons like cyanide, or carbon monoxide are known for turning skin red. There are poisons that can be criminally delivered orally, or through skin that mimic heart attacks, but for the condition of cyanosis where the skin turns blue. Some of these poisons have been in the arsenal of our CIA for decades. The reality is they cannot be detected by normal toxicology testing.

There have been cases where physicians have been convicted of murdering people with such drugs despite the ability of medical examiners to discover the toxins used to kill.

The Los Angeles Coroner released a statement, a preliminary report of their opinion of the cause of Beritbart’s death. They say the 43 year-old suffered a heart attack and they don’t suspect foul play.

It was Breitbart that brought down ACORN, a billion dollar criminal organization that was involved in massive vote fraud efforts that helped Obama get elected for his first term. ACORN lost millions of additional government funds because Breitbart exposed tem to the world for what they were.

There is no question that Breitbart was a target of concern and hate by people inside and supporters of the Obama Administration. Silencing Breitbart had to be high priority for anyone with a serious financial stake in Obama’s reelection. It’s safe to say people were gunning for this man who already inflicted tremendous damage to the campaign.

I’m having a hard time buying the suggestion that this young man simply had a heart attack considering his “big” announcement never materialized. Breitbart was silenced and those connected to ACORN and the Obama Administration had motive, means and opportunity to kill their nemesis.

Update: I conducted a second interview of Lassiter for and have posted it below:


Anonymous said...

Paul, please do not let up on this story and the cover-up if you can. You need to investigate this and interview anyone and everyone connected with Breitbart. You need to do it in a very public way without compromising witnesses.

Your readers should establish a fund so that you can do this since no one else is willing to risk the wrath of Obama and his supporters.

I'm sure that Breitbart's wife is absolutely living in fear right now. I've heard that her father Orson Bean ordered her to shut up about what she knows. I live in Brentwood and know some of his friends.


Anonymous said...

Obama is just doing what Clinton and Bush did, kill any opposition or embarassment.

Checkout the Clinton Chronicles
Ron Brown, Vincent Foster, et al...

We live in a Fascist country now!

Anonymous said...

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees!


Anonymous said...

I wish Sheriff Joe Arpaio could have some of his people examine the remains of Breitbart.

I’d contribute to a fund to help you investigate this.

Cassy said...

I have been told that there are a form
of poison darts that can shoot a
victim and leave no evidence. This
has been done on commentator of Meet
the Press because he embarrassed Jr.
What about special lasers? And a more
important factor: medical examiner
does not want to say he was killed.
Here we go again. Reporters should
not announce their intentions;
discretion is the way to operate.

Everyone who I know thought that he
was assassinated.

Anonymous said...

I'm an MD...a "heart attack" usually means "myocardial infarction"....due to a clot. These can be seen when sectioning the heart during the autopsy. I didn't see the complete was this done?

Anonymous said... could use your knowledge and input. Just thought I'd send you an invitation.

Anonymous said...

Though I'm far from a conspiracy theorist (they're all certifiable wackos), I find Breitbart's death either incredible coincidental or highly suspicious, the latter to possibly include the findings of the post-mortem. Sure, apparently healthy people have dropped dead in the prime of life (but very rarely) and almost never when they're about to release embarrassing information involving powerful people.

Anonymous said...

I don't see that ACORN was really doing anything wrong, it was just doing things that were not considered politically correct. The videos I saw just showed ACORN trying to help people gain government subsidies, which is stolen money in the first place, so why not try to steal it for yourself!?!? Get rid of the cause of problems like this - the subsidies - and the problems disappear. Get rid of the IRS and the Federal Income Tax and you get rid of all of our problems. Actually get rid of the Federal Government and you get rid of ALL of our problems.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're actually serious about this? This post is something that someone has actually thought... Wow.

Karen Bracken said...

There is no doubt in my mind that Breibart was killed. I made no judgement at first. If the dirt Breibart had on Obama was presented by his people then I would be convinced that Breibart died of natural causes. If the evidence never came out then that would be my personal proof that he was killed. Well the day after he died and several days thereafter his people were all over the TV and news saying his information would be released in 7-10 days. Well several months later not a peep. I am sure Breibart's people have been threatened and their families threatened to shut up or else. So once again Obama eludes the truth. How the American people fell for this man's rhetoric is beyond me. In my opinion Obama is a usurper and a very sick, angry pathological narcissist that hates this country and is bound to destroy the country that his drunk, womanizer father hated so much. Obama is still trying to earn his fathers love. And in doing so will destroy this country. An you who voted for him and turned a blind eye to the truth will get exactly what you deserve. Do you still feel special because you voted for a black man?? I hope so because in the future that will all you have to feel special about. When he was elected I tried to put all the facts I had learned about him (his own books tell a lot about the anger in this man) aside and give him a chance. After all he was our President. But the truth prevailed and today I feel as I did back in 2008. Not good.

Anonymous said...

I had my suspicions as well, but they were laid to rest after watching this video taken the day after the death:

Some of Breitbart's closest friends and associates discuss him, and one, Bill Whittle, says he was not at all surprised to hear of Breitbart's death. He was in poor health yet kept pushing himself relentlessly to achieve his political and business goals.

Anonymous said...
LAPD: Coroner’s Official May Have Died From Arsenic Poisoning Cormier, a respected autopsy and forensic technician who also was a photographer with the special operations response team, was rushed to St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank from his North Hollywood home one week ago.

Hospital staff eventually advised police that there may be “suspicious circumstances” surrounding Cormier’s death, said LAPD Lt. Alan Hamilton.

“We have information that could potentially include foul play,” Hamilton said.

After Cormier’s body was back at the county morgue where he worked until last week, toxicology tests are being run to determine the cause of his death.

Police along with a hazardous materials team have also reportedly searched his home on Auckland Avenue.

Jim S in EGR said...

I understand there was a second witness who was there and made the actual 911 call. That person's name and cell number should be readily available to an investigator. Has that person been contacted and quizzed?

Anonymous said...

As all of you who read about this man's demise, you are getting a lesson in what and how communism begins and works. are all of you who voted for this person osama/obama proud of yourselves? Do you really have the intelligence to understand what he wants this great country of ours to become? did you people always like the lifestyle of communist russsia you would read about, if you could read and understood what you read? Well, you rich people out there, california? or anywhere else, you may have the money to give to obama or you may have enough loop holes to hold on to our money so you'll vote for him again. and what about all of you who have a hand out? are you proud to have such an incompetent person you call president? obama is not even fit or WORTHY to think about the words: president of the U.S. the rest of us who have a job and need to go to our jobs are stuck where we are. this current admin. is a group of slime never seen in the history of this great country and I am proud to be a citizen of this great country.

Magnus Johansson said...

How corrupt must the USA get before the Americans rise up against the very dangerous maniacs in power?

Anonymous said...

Sad his socalled friends..didn't even bother to investigate, Just took over his business assets! To promote themselves!! Even to the point, of being irritated??? at questions!! Are they keeping his wife in the dark, on the FACTS?? Someone should jump over Steves control and ask her!!

Anonymous said...

Suspicious!!!! The ((Actual detailed autopsy)) being withheld!!!! find out WHY.. JUST A PRESS-RELEASE AUTOPSY SYNOPSIS?? WTF?? Also his mag is an embarrassment of bs coverups now!! Might as well be CNN.
He had no friends, but us, here on this page, & Paul!! don't trust his socalled staff, USERS!! LIARS!!

Anonymous said...

YES, We all know about the socalled health narrative...its BS!! Many people live to old age, with the same ills, he had common symptoms!! INTERESTING his socalled friends had LITTLE interest in VERIFYING!!! But, without even an autopsy, at that point, concluded without EVIDENCE, it was heart attack. He should have been white, not red, or blue!! pale if his heart blood had blockage!! What excuse do they have for NO INTEREST in the tape Paul made?? They are scum. They moved on a little TOO be real friends! Even using his wife, as the excuse! Seems to me, they have her controlled, for obvious reasons!! Why did Harv hold the tape back?? HOW DARE THEY LIVE OFF BREITBART..even in death!! disgusting!! Thanks Paul, for being a real investigator!!! LOOKING AT ACTUAL FACTS!! Not the convenient<<< narrative.

Anonymous said...

I think the answer is in "he dropped like a sack of potatoes". Andrew Breitbart was mudered. What the heck is going on with this? Is anyone investigating this? What happened to the tapes? Surely his wife would know where they are.

semus said...

I don't believe this kind of thing of Bush, but I do of either of the Clinton's and Obama.

semus said...

I don't believe this kind of thing from Bush -I could be wrong-, I do believe this of either of the Clinton's and Obama.

theresaratinthewhitehouse said...

Of course it was not a coincidence he died before he released the big news! Its just a shame people he thought were friends were probably glad he was out of the way. I guess if you threaten the osama regime then you die to shut you up for good. I doubt if this was the first or will be the last! RIP!