Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Social Media Video Explosion is Underway

Chicago, IL—It took a huge investment to experiment with television when it was invented in the early 1950s. What eventually evolved is amazing. Today we have color, wide screen and high definition video that's nothing short of incredible. None of us can escape the lush rich video screens that are absolutely everywhere.

The tools to make quality content are incredibly inexpensive today. It takes little effort these days to make watchable content. Incredible empowerment exists to get your message, product or story out to a worldwide audience. It pays to use the new high quality equipment that available and learn how to captivate your audience with quality content.

Google and the other search engines do a great job of directing people to your content by subject matter. You can sell a service, product or anything at all and the cost for the Internet space is free. Any business that’s not taking full advantage of the ability to put video content up as a marketing tool is losing clients and customers.

Until now all advertising had no specific target. We especially loathed advertising for things we don’t need or want. Television commercials are generally very annoying for that reason. Today any business can directly target people that need and consume what they’re selling. Your potential customers are looking for what you have to offer.

Bloggers that don't create video for their visitors and shortchanging them. It is so easy to embed video right into any blog.

People involved in high profile court cases have a unique opportunity today. They can actually put up a video documentary that shows their side of the story. I’ve found that the vast majority of jurors simply ignore judge’s admonishments to avoid media and the Internet. Instead the jurors go out of their way to get the whole story, not just what they hear in court. Like it or not, that’s reality. Using the Social Media to influence court cases is just in its infancy. What Nancy Grace does on television can be countered through watchable video content. Remember Google will bring those jurors you want to influence to your content. There are plenty of semi-retired TV news producers willing to help you create what you need.

An equipment investment of $5,000.00 and training such as that offered by the New York Video School you can create content like a pro.

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Anonymous said...

[Image]Chicago, IL—It took a huge investment to experiment with television when it was invented in the early 1950s.

Philo Farnsworth broadcast the first image, a dollar sign "$", in the late 1920's. Television wasn't perfected until the 1930's but because of poor timing, it didn't take off until after The Depression and WWII. Sorry to nitpick Paulie.