Friday, December 23, 2011

Nuremberg, Where Firearms Manufacturers Meet From Everywhere—March 9 thru 12, 2012

Nuremberg, Germany—This venerable and historic old city every March is the site of the International Arms Exposition or IWA. This is similar but just a bit smaller than the international SHOT Show most often held in Las Vegas, NV. The IWA Nuremberg show is split into a civilian sports section and a military and police area. Some 35,000 people visited over 1100 exhibits last year. There are also many exhibitors with exciting new products never seen before in the United States.

Aside from the show the real draw here for me are the sights, elegant women and food. Located in the state of Bavaria it’s just a two hour drive North of Munich and there is a lot to see if you can stay an additional week or more.

As for sights you will be able to visit the Hall of Justice where over a dozen trials were held bringing many Nazi to justice for War Crimes. Six-million Jews and Gypsies were murdered by the National Socialist regime but over nine-million Germans were annihilated as a result of Nazi tyranny. The penalty for any German citizen criticizing or revealing Nazi atrocities was certain death.

Nuremberg was considered the epicenter of the failed National Socialist movement. This was the place where the Nuremberg Race laws were born that stripped Jews of their citizenship enabling their deportation. As such this became the ideal place to try and hang Nazi tyrants that were convicted.

After Germany surrendered over 200,000 women and girls were savagely raped by the smelly, Communist Russian swine that took brutal control over much of Germany. These Russian criminals all escaped war crimes justice because of a willing accomplice, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Somehow Germany rebuilt better than ever and became a great ally for America and the free world. The grand children and great grandchildren of this sad chapter in Germany history are an educated, social and creative bunch. They work, play, love and many enjoy collecting firearms and shooting like Americans.

IWA also exhibits state of the art firearms for police and military. Of course the technology of firearms has evolved little over the last century. They are prettier and somewhat better functioning today than they were in 1911. The best of the best can be seen and handled right here.

If you love history and firearms Nuremberg is the place to go. I must warn you that attendance to the IWA like the SHOT show is limited to people in the firearms trade and manufacturing businesses.

Saying all of this I’m looking for some company to send me to IWA for the show to work at marketing and or public relations. I speak German and know my way around this great nation.

Click here for the official IWA show website.

Here are two videos from the last show:

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