Friday, May 27, 2011

The Tyrannical Obama Administration Must End Now

Washington, DC—George Bush was a terrible president indeed. The Republican Party in America had lost its way with the RINOs that controlled the leadership. We became a nanny nation mired in debt. Conservative voters were disenfranchised as the Republican Party slated that Leftist, John McCain to run as president. Conservatives boycotted the polls.

Chicago’s Daley/Burke Democratic Corruption Machine pushed a Black, Hyde Park neighborhood “community organizer” turned Senator to head the Democratic ticket. He was a, Saul Alinsky/Karl Marx disciple that seemed by many to offer an alternative to the Bush disaster. Today however, Barack Obama is a clear and present danger to America and enabling its rapidly disappearing freedom.

Obama showed promise, at least to hopeful Liberals of running a transparent government that would get us out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Somehow the Liberals felt he’d get rid of the hated and misnamed Patriot Act, and perhaps make an effort to end the federal death penalty. Not only has Obama dramatically divided this nation as he became a true Liberal’s worst nightmare.

Obama has taken the TSA and turned them into a civilian security force of thugs he’s handed ever increasing power and jurisdiction. The TSA has expanded their liberty poison to trains and now even high school proms. The have no limits today.

Waiting for the next election to end this tyrannical Reich is too dangerous for our freedom. We must remove Obama today. This despot and his un-vetted, unelected and invisible Czars have dictated public policy secretly and governed behind a Whitehouse Iron Curtain. That alone should strike terror into American’s hearts. Despots can only thrive under secret government.

Every dictator behind every holocaust in world history survived to commit mass murder because they were not stopped before their crimes against humanity. We can’t allow Obama to continue.

The sad truth to all of this is on Memorial Day we give thanks to all who gave the greatest sacrifice while fighting the very kind of Police State Obama has been assembling.


Anonymous said...

well said

Anonymous said...

Yes it must,but there alot of people out there that voted for hope and change and wont change themselves.
The Republicans have a crappy choices and i fear Barry will slip back into office.

My worst fear is him getting another Supreme Court pick,we cannot let this happen.

Don said...

You know the sad thing is that this stuff doesn't disappear. There is no one who will come into office and make it all better.

Anonymous said...

So true, Americans are giving away what other Countries have been fighting for decades for. Freedom.

Anonymous said...

obamas Evil Eyes tell ALL.