Thursday, May 05, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killing and Barack Obama’s Evidence Tampering Deserves Investigation

Washington, DC—Is Barack Obama just stupid or something much more sinister? I say it’s the latter.

I’ve always hated how Osama Bin Laden was singled out as the man behind the Sept 11 attack on America. This was an act of Muslim group think and was financed by others. Placing so much importance on Bin Laden made him a hero in the Muslim world. This also lessens the culpability of the rest of the terrorists responsible for the mass murder.

The killing Bin Laden will only bring a false sense of feel good to a few incredibly ignorant people. The same terrorism will now continue without interruption. Bin Laden’s death can only fuel the holy war rather than even slow it down.

Obama’s handling of this event and the burial at sea of Bin Laden was beyond suspect. The rush to make Bin Laden’s body unavailable for examination is in and of itself sinister.

To not turn over Bin Laden’s body to his family for proper burial invites the same treatment for Americans killed under the control of our enemies. America is supposed to be more civilized than this new cruel image created by Obama.

Barack Obama has only fueled conspiracy theories with his cover-up and evidence tampering. We are hearing different versions of the events leading to Bin Laden’s death from our government officials. They can’t keep their stories straight. There is a real conspiracy here, not just some wild guess of shenanigans.

Faked photos with the promise to release real photos and now no photos have denied the world any evidence of what really happened. This is yet another sad snapshot of Obama’s deceptive campaign promising transparency.

At a minimum the evidence and photos should have been preserved and shared with all 535 members of Congress.

Now we must suffer reasonable efforts by members of Congress to find out the truth behind the raid and killing of Bin Laden. The cover-up and evidence tampering should be both a criminal and impeachable offense.

Obama was a lawyer and knew better. Obama has acted like a third world dictator and thug. Obama must be held accountable.


Anonymous said...

Since the Cold War ended and the Iron Curtain fell,the US goobermint has been trying to keep the Industrial Military Complex going to make the $$$$.
They always need an enemy and a face to place on it.

HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

Paul I want to commend you for discussing this issue/threat. Too many will only post via anonymous blogs etcetera. Coming from you, a Chicago PD copper, hence State lic investigator; your posts command more respect and credibility than those posted anonymously. For true red blooded Americans, courage is not an option, it a commandment.

Anonymous said...

What was done with Bin Ladens body was sinister indeed. Not to mention, deceiving and disrespectful. Our government at work.

mensajes said...

I am agree with HI-CALIBER Private Investigations comment.

Anonymous said...


Don't knock those that post, or belittle their courage,

some have already been brutalized and tortured by American Government for simply telling the truth, when the government did not want to hear & only wanted to cover-up.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Transparancy strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Political Science 101.

Transparency here? On May Day 2011. Good lord no.

Was the gruesome corpse of osama bin laden covered up...

because PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA did not have any LEGAL authority to invade Pakistan...?

Show me the body!

Or maybe also

"Habeas corpus" You should have the body -You have the undeniable right!