Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Don't let bravado and image choices land you in prison.

Los Angeles, CA—Anyone might find themselves in a situation where using justifiable deadly force becomes necessary. When that happens, police will investigate thoroughly, collecting all available evidence. If you're involved, expect them to obtain a search warrant for your home, vehicles, and storage facilities.

We all enjoy fictional movie heroes like Dirty Harry, Paul Kersey, or John Wick. However, emulating these characters through your appearance, choice of weapons, tattoos, and clothing logos could make it easier for prosecutors to paint you as a violent copycat. A more prudent choice would be to emulate Paul Kersey, the mild-mannered vigilante.

If a liberal prosecutor charges you with using excessive force, they might portray you as a movie-influenced monster. This could extend to your text messages, emails, videos, and social media. Racist and threatening remarks made in jest could be presented to a jury.

While the First Amendment protects your right to express yourself, this freedom may come at a cost. It’s wise to remove provocative images from your life in case you ever need to use justifiable deadly force. Don't assume that a criminal trial for murder, manslaughter, or aggravated assault will be fair. Remember, justice can be elusive.

No, you’re not guaranteed a fair trial, even in America.

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