Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Christina Pascucci is running for the California Senate to replace Dianne Feinstein but she refuses to take a single position

Los Angeles, CA— Former television news reporter, Christina Pascucci is running her campaign to replace the late Dianne Feinstein.  Pascucci has a pleasing appearance, voice, and speaking ability.  After all she is accomplished, TV, news reporter.  Apparently she’s running on that alone.  

So far, Pascucci’s platform has been to tell us to California has problems, and she intends to fix them. But that is exactly where it all ends.  She refuses to tell us just how she’s going to fix them and how much it’s going to cost us.

She is not taking a position dealing with the illegal immigration invasion. She won’t tell us how she intends to deal with mental illness, homelessness, crime, gun rights, and for that matter any issue at all.

It appears that Christina is running on her smile and we’re supposed to believe that she is going to do all the right things. She says she’s a Democrat.  But is she an insane crazy left-winger or is she a conservative Democrat. 

I’m sorry,  I just can’t find a single reason to vote for her. I’m looking for a somewhat conservative Democrat.  Is she crazy like our Governor Gavin Newsom Or the other worthless Democrats that are holding office despite their persistent and massive failures?  

Christina, you should at least show enough courage to tell us how you will  handle the of the job of United States Senator.   Hiding behind your smile, it’s not cutting it, please tell us who you are.


Pascucci has responded to me personally about this article I wrote. She’s not happy with it and I can understand that.  She tells me that she has posted material on her positions, but I have just not been blessed with seeing them.  I have asked her for links, and perhaps she will send some and I will update further.

What she has called positions are rather vague. For example, her position on gun control is her trap sport shooting & Seeming to enjoy it, but that doesn’t tell us what she feels about concealed weapons requirements for permission, slip permits, or the so-called assault, rifles, and magazines.  She must support the second amendment or not. If she wants to change the second amendment to eliminate certain gun rights, we need to know that too..

This wasn’t intended to be a hit piece but just a way to learn about her solutions.  Whatever her solutions are, whether I agree with them or not I want to thank her for her personal response during this incredibly busy time for her.

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