Wednesday, April 19, 2023

The Second Chicago Fire


The Second Chicago Fire. 

Chicago, IL -There is no possibility that Chicago can survive as a place to visit, live or work for civilized people.  We have a group of politicians that absolutely hate police and white people.  They actually want our city to be in the dangerous state of chaos.  

These politicians were elected by ignorant, woke, left-wing, useful idiots we used to call Lakefront Liberals.  Unfortunately they are influenced and brainwashed by local media.  Like Rome, Chicago is now burning. 

We already saw the commercial tenants of the once elegant Water Tower Place flee turning over their keys to the lenders.  We lost lost our iconic and gorgeous stores, terribly tarnishing the Magnificent Mile.

I used to live in and own a condo at Marina City.  The 900 apartments there were always 100% occupied, however not anymore.  The John Hancock building has also lost its luster as property values decline with every election.

At some point soon, the media organizations that are located in the violent affected areas are simply going to have to move away in order to protect their employees.  Some media organizations have enabled and facilitated so called, “Civil Rights” activists like the faux, Father Pfleger and others in their quest to extort form Chicago’s businesses and taxpayers. 

The high profile TV station storefronts along with their highly identifiable live trucks are now inviting targets for the force of dangerous thugs Chicago’s politicians have long favored over taxpayers.  Even the microphone identification flags endanger news crews today.  Cops are asked to risk their lives and careers should they dare to do their jobs.  How can we expect cops to protect news crews? They’ve been turned into a force of immovable  scarecrows by our politicians.  

Chicago’s media has given City Hall a pass on their massive corruption for decades now.  The days of exposing crime and corruption like the infamous and award winning, Mirage Tavern  story run by George Bliss of the Chicago Tribune ended long ago. They weren’t shy then about reporting on Operation Graylord and Operation Gambit.  Investigative journalism in today’s Chicago is on life support or dead. 

The only glimmer of hope is if they actually reboot and become serious about reporting what’s really happening instead of protecting the clowns of City Hall.  We have some high profile pending corruption trials like that of, world class fixer, Eddie Burke whose wife Ann is Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court (how cozy is that!).  

TV news has forgotten that redundantly proven mantra, “If it Bleeds, it Leads!” If they’re sincere about keeping local news alive the must make serious changes.  The news directors and editors must leave the beds of their political friends at City Hall, The County Board and Springfield instead returning to journalism.   Real journalists do not need the cooperation of politicians or their appointed bureaucrats to gather and report news.

Chicago Reporters have lost all trust of the cops in the trenches or the decent citizens otherwise willing to risk their livelihoods providing needed tips to expose scandals and other tawdry happenings that our population needs to know.  

The media could actually save the Windy City, but only if they will do their job.  The police must be trained to once again do their job without obstruction from City Hall. 

Civilization can’t advance without strong media and law enforcement.  

George Orwell said it best, “Journalism is printing something that someone does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.” He also pointed out, that people sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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